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  1. Aww, man, that's low. I looked back, but I only saw three pages of old posts. Thanks to you both!
  2. What was that food delivery service that someone mentioned a couple months ago? I can't find them for jack.
  3. I suddenly find myself reconsidering my stance on gun control.
  4. Gimme a "T"! I was gonna spell out "trash" by doing that a bunch of times, but it proved more effort than they're worth.
  5. To dangerously play Devil's advocate on this one: There is some outrage over this because we're reading about the story over 800 miles away. I don't think that too many people in Milwaukee heard about the seven-year-old black girl shot while sitting on a couch in atlanta. I know that reverse-racism is rampant as well as anyone - I've always been the minority growing up and even continued to be so well into adulthood (a few years ago, everyone called me "cracker" at one job because I was the only white person - even after I was promoted to management I was still "cracker"). I've been
  6. Because it obviously worked so well for you...
  7. Oh, I had no idea they were so different from Baptists! Thank you for setting that little bit straight. And people who don't care about the airport think this a racist and irrelevant point.
  8. Obviously because all Shia Islamists are terrorists! Macaulay Culkin better watch his back: https://newhub.shafaqna.com/EN/US/6474075
  9. That's a negative, Ghost Rider. At least not that this former insurance agent has ever heard of, but maybe insurance companies didn't care about money 24 years ago. They make TONS off of cancer policies.
  10. I had bursitis in my left hip eight months ago and can tell you definitely what NOT to do: 1. Don't think you're too tough for a little pain and carry on with your life as usual. The mild pain that you guys mention, the kind that wakes you up sometimes, will get much, MUCH worse. It will become debilitating to the point of leaving you writhing around on the floor in front of God, your family, and anyone else who happens by. 2. Don't waste money on doctors - they can't help you. Beg or pay someone to take care of your responsibilities for 10 days so that you can lie on the couch and
  11. I'd be more worried about this one...
  12. To celebrate the enactment of this new law, I drove up and down 75 going 90mph, made the slow people roll down their window so that I could scream that they are law-breaking commies, shot them a bird, and sped along my merry way. America's the best!
  13. I used hang out with homeless people I came across a lot actually. The stories are incredible, and I used to be one of them. I can associate with them more than I can associate with others.
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