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  1. When we were vacationing in Alaska it seemed there was a drive in coffee shop on every street corner. They all seemed to be doing a brisk business. Also while eating next door to our new drive in Coffee Shop this morning, we saw grading activity on the lot facing 61 behind the Waffle House. One of our waitress’s customers, girl friends, friends Mama told us it’s going to be a new Windy’s.
  2. Years ago we would go eat at the Restaurant at Red Top Mountain. Wonder if it’s still open?
  3. I realized this morning I’m enjoying the New Paulding.Com. For years I had my settings set to see topics discussed in the last 24 hours. When that setting got down to only showing 4 or 5 topics, I changed it to show topics discussed in the past week. When that setting only showed 4 or 5 topics discussed in the last week, I changed it to show topics discussed in the last 2 weeks. Just prior to the unveiling of the New Paulding.Com, I was down to approaching 10 topics shown for the past 2 weeks. Already I’ve changed my setting back to show topics discussed in the past week and there are 23 topic
  4. There is a Paulding.com Facebook page that is almost dormant. It has 1,900+ members. Can it and this page be linked?
  5. I don’t know anything about this subject. However while walking through the Dallas Kroger this morning with my wife, a “Meatless Meat” section in the big coolers caught my attention. The pictures on the cartons did look appetizing. Maybe it’s time I started considering a “Meatless Meat” venture.
  6. You’ve convinced me to try it this weekend. I can’t stand those new coke machines. I always get behind someone who spends 10 minutes trying to figure out how to make a new exotic soft drink, while I only need a little ice for my water.
  7. And SO close to the Fred’s Tunnel Portal. It just can’t get any better.
  8. I’m excited. I see this as an opportunity to draw tax dollars in from West Cobb. I don’t see it hurting Sam’s in Hiram, they will still bring in Tax dollars from Powder Springs and Austell.
  9. I’ve read in several forums the Fed’s have taken the gentlemen charged into custody and these gentlemen are not housed in the local Gulledge Hilton, so it seems to me just on these facts, this discussion falls into the Political Forum description.
  10. I had heard and read that movie stars are boycotting Georgia. But then later I saw only a few, especially a couple I’ve never heard of before are actually boycotting us. One was “Tiffany Somebody”. I can’t help but wonder if an out of work actor / actress actually feels better about themselves when they say they are “boycotting Georgia”, instead of saying “I’m pursuing all my options (which might be code for my work has run dry)”?
  11. I never understood rioters burning & destroying their own neighborhood. Sort of like Auburn rolling their own downtown with toilet paper before a game. If I were going to roll, burn or destroy somewhere... it certainly would not be my own neighborhood. But then again Im in a protected class of people. No longer are we Rednecks and Hillbillys. Since its now Politically Incorrect to bully us with those labels, we are now to be referred to as Appalachian Americans.
  12. Proof there are stupid people connected to just about every group.
  13. Last time I was pulled over was 6 or 7 years ago where the speed limit is 45 in Paulding County then drops to 35 at the Cobb County line. I was pulled over by the Cobb Officer because the radar gun pointed at my truck showed I was doing 47 in a 35. I immediately pulled over as soon as I saw the officers blue lights come on and him move to do a u turn then come after me. By time he stopped behind me I had shut my truck off, rolled my window down, placed both hands on steering wheel and I greeted him “Good afternoon Officer”. I asked his permission to get my license out of my back pants pocket a
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