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  1. And no one knows what is going on before hand? Normally, every Tom, Dick and Harry would have posted something by now.
  2. Dad has been in the nest when B3 was on the edge for a good 45 minutes. Or is that mom in the nest. I can't get a good look at the beak.
  4. You guys, B3 is way to close to the edge. Nervous!
  5. LMBO it looked like B3 was giving her parent a what for talking too. I can't tell which parent is on the branch, but B3 was behind the parent, stretched out her neck and started to make some kind of sound at them. She opened her mouth wide. LMBO!
  6. B3 is practicing,lol. She was just flapping her wings and jumping up and down. Folks, she's getting ready. I hope I have the website up and watching it when she does.
  7. I was petting my dog Ragdoll down her back like I always do before I turn over to my side to go to sleep. When I did, I felt something at/on her lower back. I thought it was a scab from her getting into mischief outside. I couldn't shake the thought of a tick and I ran my hand down her back again, to see if the (what I thought at first) scab came up off her back. IT DID! I jumped up, but on the light, got some tweezers and my lighter, and went back to the spot. IT'S a TICK. I burned it, but not sure good enough, because it fell into the ash tray, so that told me I wasn't holding the ti
  8. Awe, Coco is a happy camper, a very comfortable camper. I'm glad she Papi took her out of the kennel (cage) to stretch and relax on the rug. By Coco snoring, she is very content.
  9. She is. I've been watching her on and off all day and she was walking all over the nest. At one point, I thought she was going to jump on the branch that her parents sit on. She is itching to take flight.
  10. Bea looks a little warm/hot. She keeps opening her mouth like she is panting. It is kind warm outside today, and I hope it doesn't effect her to much. Maybe her flapping her wings might cool her off a little. And I have a question now that I think about it. You see Bea eating, what about drinking? How does she get water to stay hydrated?
  11. That is sad to hear. Momof3 at one point I thought the police went either to your subdivision or the top of the subdivision that I live in.
  12. I would have thought, with all the people that are on here that live in New Hope would know something. But then again, it is Easter, they can still be with family and friends celebrating. Whose to say?!
  13. Anyone know what is going on in New Hope tonight??? Within a 3 hour period, there has been sirens. They sound close, but I can't put my finger on how close. I know twice the sirens are some where around Old Cartersville Rd, the other time it sounded like it was going down Dallas-Acworth Hwy. All 3 times it wasn't just one siren, it's been a bunch. It's 10:42PM right now, and this is the second siren going to the same place as the first one. Any one know??
  14. I thought the blue one was a bluebird and the red one a cardinal. I shouldn't assume just because a bird is blue or red that they are the common birds we normally are use to seeing.
  15. Her wings are bigger than her whole body. Huge wing span too. Just got home to find Mom feeding B3. <3
  16. She does look lonely inside that big nest, but she is big herself. It's like she wants her mom to come in the nest and shield her form the rain and wind. I know the later it gets, one of the parents does in up in the nest with her.
  17. Was anyone else watching the Eagle Cam just now? It's 9:54PM.. Any way, B3 was flapping her wings for a good minute and as she was flapping them, she was hitting her mother in the butt. It was so cute and funny to watch... She was probably trying to get some of the water of her feathers.
  18. How about the bluebird having it's own thread? This way, a link can be posted and we can talk there. It would be nice for the Eagles and the Bluebird have their own special thread. What do you guys think?
  19. Juveniles, especially males, return to the area they were born and will nest nearby once they reach adulthood. Sometimes, it appears young eagles will return and act as "helpers" to the nest.
  20. They said that sometimes the Female will leave the nest to draw off a predator and could be gone for more than a day until the predator stops following her and leaves. So, the other day when the mom was gone for so long, this is what she might of been doing. Boy, you know who wears the pants in that family, TEAM MOM, she don't put up with any kind of BS.
  21. A little drama yesterday captured by eagle photographer Gena Flanigan. This is a photo of the female fighting a hawk near the nest. Gena said both parents worked as a team to run the hawk off and protect the eaglet!
  22. It's 11:21PM and I checked on the nest. Bea is so big and just about takes up the whole nest. No wonder the parents sit on a branch. I'm glad they moved the camera out more, so we can now see the mother or father sitting on the branch.
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