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  1. Ha....we posted at the same time
  2. Did anyone see what he had to say this morning? This is crazy. It took me ten hours to get home from Coweta last night. The never want to do this again!
  3. It's not hard to learn if you know anyone with the software.
  4. Have them send their resumes...............
  5. Damn.......that's across the street from me!
  6. Just heard they are also looking for DJ's! NOT looking for a "club DJ". You do not need your own equiptment. Must have a good speaking voice and knowledge of current music! Send your resume if you are interested or post to your FB wall!!
  7. Nope, I don't work for them. But I know this position is available. Here's the info for anyone who is qualified. This position is in SMYRNA: Help wanted: 30-40/hours week (10 am-5 pm). $10 hour. Duties include: Answering phones, booking events and parties, customer service, marketing. Must be computer literate. Proficient in Microsoft Publisher is a plus. Will have to make flyers/marketing materials. Able to work independently and without supervision. Must have relable transportation and be able to pass a background check/drug screen. References are required (minimum
  8. Hmmm.........the wheels are turning.......... ....and that USUALLY is my motto...........
  9. I wish I could. She really is an amazing writer. Thanks to all!
  10. by my lovely 22 year old daughter. A little mommy bragging here. She is in Grad School At UWG. Just came back from the awards ceremony where she was inducted in Sigma Tau Delta (English NHS), and receieved three awards: A scholarship for outstanding scholar and leader in the Graduate English Program, The Most Outstanding Creative Non-Fiction Writer (a cash prize..whoo hoo) and Outstanding Contribution to the Senior Seminar. She also was the ONLY creative writing student selected (out of 2500 entries) to speak at a national undergratuate conference in Utah (2 of her papers were selected to
  11. I found that all of my children (girls and boys) woke up totally different creatures on their 8th birthday (I've been saying this for YEARS). Love them until they are 8. Then, take up drinking.It gets WORSE. Good luck!
  12. I have friends and family in Tx. Sharing on my FB page as well. Keeping you in my prayers............
  13. I get them nothing. My husband gets them a box of candy. I get him nothing.....he says VD is for WOMEN!!
  14. I concur! And I have used them. No issues.
  15. NO SNOW!! I need to make money. We need to be OPEN!!!
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