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  1. Thanks guys. I'll pass the info on. And I'm not her wedding planner just concerned for her. She doesn't care much about the wedding and is only doing it for her family. She would have had a party in the backyard if it was up to her. I was with her for the wedding dress shopping and she got kinda bulldozed and ended up buying a dress when she was only prepared to look. I know that she was more relieved to just have a place booked and another thing checked off the list more then anything else. While I know the ceromony isn't all that special to her, I don't want it to be a bad experience because we weren't prepared for something.
  2. Yep, already booked. I just wanted to be on the look out for any potential problems. The wedding is in May and we just got the dresses. Invitations haven't been sent, and showers and parties still aren't concrete. Like I said, she is insanely busy because of her job.
  3. My friend will be having her wedding and reception at the Stanley House Inn in Marietta. It will be in May, and is kind of being thrown together late because of how busy she is. I'm getting mixed reviews online, but many are years old. Does anyone have any experience there? I would like to be prepared for any possible problems and the like. Thanks.
  4. This is why I like the package machine they have. Saves me lots of time because of crap like that.
  5. Its amazing how bold people are. We live off of Ridge and can be seen clearly from the road. Our front door is swelled shut so don't use it. In face we have furniture behind it, but we have a screen door on that side and it looks like it used to be the main entry. We had a guy pull off into our driveway and attempt to walk straight in through that front door because a cop was behind him. When we asked what he was doing he said "bad things". We have 4 dogs and had 2 cars in the drive at the time. And that guy was going to walk straight into our house.
  6. Yep, you were who I meant. We have WI and even when we are way over due they will dump the can. If we put out extra boxes or bags they won't take it until we are paid up. But it sounds like you haven't had them long enough for that to be the issue.
  7. Yea sorry, my comment was directed to the other poster.
  8. Didn't we have a holiday last week? Did you leave it out an extra day?
  9. There was an episode of Intervention where the boy started in the 4th grade I think. But he used that as a way to get high, and he would bend over and press one hand to each side of his neck. No one could even tell that he was doing it. It is one of those topics that needs to be brought up once a year. You never know when it will be the current fad.
  10. thanks guys! all of this was really helpful.
  11. My best friend is getting married in may. She is letting the bridesmaid's pick their own dresses. They just all have to be the same color and not a gown. Her colors are white, deep purple and yellow....like a flower. An iris I think. Her problem is she wants a yellow dress. Not off white, not champagne, not antique..but yellow. All she can find online are designer gowns and prom dresses. We are making plans to actually go shopping instead of just google but any advice? Do shops dye dresses like shoes? And for the bridesmaid dresses any ideas on making sure the dress color is similar so all of the dresses will be different? This is my first wedding I've been involved in. and FYI i might not log back in till tom so thanks in advance!
  12. Agreed. I called DFCS 4 or 5 times 2 mornings in a roll. It wouldn't connect or it would go to busy signal.
  13. Thanks guys, i've gotten some PMs too so this coming week i'll be getting it into someone. And since someone did bring up a car model..it is an Element and I'm buying it. 5 year loan through LGE. Honda actually had us use them. I've got a higher interest rate but with no cosigner and my limited credit I was lucky. I wouldn't get approved for that same loan today. Speaking of leasing my friend bought a hyaundai genisis. She used a down payment and she is leasing for the first 3 years then it turns into a buy loan. No idea how that really works, but some how I don't think the $130 payment for those first 3 years is worth how much extra she might end up paying on it.
  14. I guess that was what was bothering me. She knew enough of what her punishment would be that she was ready to record it, and as soon as the parents left the hysterics stopped.
  15. My parents counted about 12 trick or treaters this year. Now almost 17 years ago when I was trick or treating (oh wow.. 17?!) we ran the neighborhood till late. Came home to switch out candy bags and everything. We had enough kids to do a parade and keep sweets and drinks at the clubhouse for when kids needed a break. My parents neighborhood has changed so much in the last 20 years or so. They are one of the few family's that started the subdivision and are still there. I don't know if the parents are just taking the little kids elsewhere or if most of the neighborhood is 12 yrs and up now.
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