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  1. Does anyone know of anyone who cuts mens hair and for a small additional fee will do so in someone's home? I know of a couple of people (one in-between surgeries, one elderly, etc) who can't really get out to get their hair cut currently and could use that type of service. Must be verifiable. If anyone knows of someone who does this in the West Cobb area please message me with their info. Thank you.
  2. I was talking about *NEW* Macland - in Powder Springs.
  3. Ok, this is West Cobb not Paulding, but does anyone know what all the road stuff is that's going on, on New Macland Road just up from Richard Sailors? Signs say "utility construction" - no mention of it on Powder Spring's web site. I've heard two things but can't find an answer... 1) Getting ready to widen the road to put a turn lane in the middle - this is prep for that coming whenever... or 2) Google or AT&T are installing fiber optic lines for their super high speed broadband in the area. Anyone know which one this is, or another not mentioned?
  4. I'm sorry... while I realize there ARE some bad cops who HAVE committed murder, and yes, changes need to be made on some level in the hiring practices to weed out potential psychos who are taking the job just to play cop instead of being serious about protecting all... there is a much, much larger problem with black-on-black crime in this country that the black community and their so-called "leaders" are not even attempting to seriously address or admit to. 2,000 black men shot and/or killed in Chicago alone last year by other black men, and disproportionately higher in all major cities co
  5. It's not. If someone protests on the side of the road or in front of a building peacefully, they are a protester. If they block streets so ambulances, fire trucks, and police cannot quickly respond to emergencies, then they are endangering lives, and effectively become a domestic terrorist. And should be arrested the MOMENT they do so.
  6. 1 hour ago the Paulding Sheriff Facebook page did post an update which addresses this... https://www.facebook.com/PauldingSheriff/
  7. I tried Bostons... won't be going back. The food was decent and the guy (owner) who cooks does an ok job.... but the service is horrible and the place is HOT due to a lack of air flow and the grill being right there. I had read a couple of online reviews before where people complained about the heat but since the reviews were a few weeks old I decided to try it hoping they had the issue fixed. They did not. Went with a friend. We sat down and the young girl who was waiting tables spent several minutes dealing with putting to-go orders together and took a long while before she even
  8. I'm about to sound like an old fart.... but what about a Piccadilly Cafeteria? As someone pointed out, the Golden Coral on Barrett has had sanitary issues in the past and that outbreak they had - they never really found the source of the bacteria other than around a drain in the floor (yet I think two customers actually died from it). I've never heard of health issues at a Piccadilly - assume they're still in business. I would also second the motion of a Sweet Tomatoes though... although the one on Barrett has slipped a bit in the last couple of years.
  9. It also doesn't hurt to suppliment the free antivirus with "Malwarebytes" - a free program that can find things the virus programs can't. Been around a long time and has a good reputation: http://download.cnet.com/Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware/3000-8022_4-10804572.html (usually no need for the premium version - free works fine for most). During the install, decline allowing it to install the free trial to the premium version and just choose the free one.
  10. The bedside manner of who I dealt with was ok. But the center I went to is very busy and they do rush you through and don't want to spend a lot of time answering questions. I know doctors are busy and can't play 50 questions with each person, but if a tube with a laser is about to be shoved up in me I don't want someone coming in with the mentality, "Ok, you have one question and 15 seconds - GO!". Without going into details, my beef mainly was that I was told the doctor themselves were going to do the thing but midway through I suddenly discovered they were allowing their "she barely looks
  11. About 2 + years ago I had asked for a recommendation for a vein doctor on the West metro side of town, as I knew I needed to most likely get that laser thing done to the inside of my leg due to vein/circulation issues. A recommendation was made and I used them, but um, that doctor messed up (long story). I wound up in worse condition than before - I won't mention names other than they were with Vascular Surgical that operates out of the hospital in Austell and out of Paulding Hospital. There are however, other doctors associated with it who might be good - I just don't know. So the poin
  12. Looks like apartments the last time I went by. If by chance you drive by it see if you can see a sign with the name of them - it'll be a few before I get back up that way. Thanks.
  13. I did see signs in their window in PS for a trivia night as well as a bingo night, too. Not sure which night for each, though.
  14. Just FYI folks - there is a new Johnny's Pizza in Powder Springs now. I know at least one of the Hiram owners is also the owner there, too. It opened last week in the small strip center that's in front of the Home Depot in Powder Springs off of Richard Sailor's Parkway. Just FYI in case you need a Johnny's fix and are closer to that one than Hiram.
  15. If you're heading toward Hiram from the Powder Springs area, there is some construction to the right off of 278 behind those brick business center buildings. Looks like apartments (?) but I haven't been up that way in a couple of weeks. Anyone know if that's what those are and their name if so? I know someone moving to the area in 2-3 months maybe and they would like something that's new(er).
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