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  1. Whew. what a relief! I was afraid that the lady on the hood of the car was YOU Hilda!
  2. O.K Hilda snap out of it. Containment needs you!
  3. Has anyone heard from or seen Hilda? She may have checked herself into the Milledgeviile hospital for the insane for a few days or she and Orville may be on a binge down on Mill Creek!
  4. When the Southern Railroad bought 18 acres in the early fifties and moved the rail road to it's present location they uncovered a bauxite (sp) mine. They had to use dynamite to close off the entrance! The mine may have also been the entrance to the ancient tunnels and all of the digging for the sewer may have opened it back up! Just sayin'...........
  5. Hmmm........sounds like it's time to break out the Boone's Farm or Zapple Apple!
  6. The other house was right next to the old rr tracks(now the siding track) and I believe the Grahams lived there last.
  7. He is hanging around waiting for his old steam engine to come through Hiram and pick him up! When it shows up it will be on a dark, cold night.........listen for the whistle!
  8. It may be a haunted house but I bet it has been infiltrated by some of Hiram's "real" spiritual lnhabitants! There was a train wreck about a mile north of Hiram in 1908. The engineer was trapped in the wreckage, severely burned from the steam and a local man who went to help had to cut his foot off to get him out of the wrecked locomotive. He was brought down the tracks to Hiram until a train could come from Atlanta to get him. He was laid on the counter in Wiley Hunt's store which was across the street from where the pawn shop building is now. He died before they could get him home to Atla
  9. I had forgotten about the "castle" that sat on the hill behind the Masonic Lodge! It was a hotel in the late 1800's . After the last owner moved out teenagers were hanging out there so the local towns folk had it torn down! This spot actually overlooks the containers by the old railroad track. I'm REALLY skeered now. Make room on the balcony Hilda!
  10. You know there used to be an old house right about where all the containers are and I wouldn/t be surprised if all this activity hadn't stirred up some old spirits from there also!!!!
  11. I'm sure they are used to seeing Doyle on Main St near the tracks around 3;00 am.
  12. No way! Area 51 has nothing on Hiram!
  13. Doyle is not going to be happy about all the attention!
  14. The story goes that they were drinking and gambling in the basement. One man accused the other of cheating and pulled a hawkbill pocket knife and proceeded to cut the other man as he ran up the steps out of the basement. The fight ended across the street where the man named Doyle died.
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