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  1. I havent had the chance to get on in a while. But I wanted to thank you so much for the GREAT job you did on my horse mirror. You did great work and it was really a great price as well. I have passed on the cards you left and they all promised to be calling you real soon. Thanks again.
  2. I bought a beautiful frame but the mirror didnt come with it. I have a mirror but it is to big where can I get it cut down and placed in there (CHEAP). Dont want to spend more doing that than I did for the frame. Thanks
  3. Frontier in Rockmat was the same way last time I viisted them.
  4. He is good at both santa and cars.
  5. Nothing here in Rockmart where I am at. No rain, wind.......nothing,.
  6. You are correct. Someone will be there tommorow ( Monday ) from 10:00am until noon. Then again Thursday 10:00am until noon then Friday night from 6:30-8:00pm. And we would apperciate the coats so very much.
  7. 3683


    Praying for a quick healing.
  8. Thanks. So is there anything I need to do now that THEY have my email address? Yeah what she said.
  9. What are you sayin? Huh? I aint logical?
  10. Like I said he is a quad the email said it came thru at 6:30am he is in bed until the nurses get him up at 10am. Thanks I will call him. He has been dupped before. Bless his heart he trusts to easy.
  11. Long story short. I got this email this morning. It is from a friends email address but I know it was not him typing it. He is a quad ( in a wheel chair unable to travel at all) So I know he has been hacked somehow. It is to early to call him and let him know. What can I do to help him once I do talk to him? Here is the message I got with his name on it......but again I know this is NOT from him. Even though it had his name signed to it. I have to run out for a while but I will keep a check on any advice. I'm sorry to bother you with this, I had to make a sudden trip out of the count
  12. I am so proud you got the job at K-mart. You will do great no doubt. I will pass the word. Also if you have flyers made or anything I will be glad to give them out as well. I hope you dont mind me posting this on my FB wall. Have fun this winter!
  13. That is nice. I bet it smells good too.
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