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  1. Been with Atlanta Postal Credit Union 27 years,Family Savings for 10, same location, same name.
  2. you really do not know your parents until you go trough thier stuff after they have passed. It is amazing what you find out. Just from experience.
  3. you pretty much covered it except equipment purchases, maintaining it in the winter for spring/summer crops. The equipment alone can cause a farmer to go under. We quit farming in '08'.
  4. Seen Blue lights down near New GA ball park I was coming from coming from Mulberry Rock, I turned onto Nebo
  5. the same thing happened to me when I was 28, they had to put a needle between my teeth and drained my tonsils, that morning they did a tonsilectomy.
  6. yes,it was behind the old church across Buchanan Hwy. The new church is on Buchanan, my son just told me it is close to where they are/were building a subdivision up on the hill, sorry I do not know more than that right now.
  7. no, it is on the opposite side from the New church, I attend P'vine and we had discussions about it about 5 months ago, I think it is sad for a cemetary to be unattended like that, I know that every year my hubby and I go to middle GA. to clean up the family cemetary, even though they are dead, someone should keep it up and especially if it belongs to a church ,just sayin'if you are turning left out of P'vine church heading toward Dallas, first road on right, I think that is Lane or Gann Road.or something, I know it is down that road. Normally I am a very good map reader, I printed it and it
  8. I believe that is it, the one you are talking about, yes it is grown up and has not been tended to in a while, we have been trying to make a plan to clean it up at church, hopefully this spring.
  9. anjer

    I need to

    my Trade name and get my business license, i was looking online and it is still showing that the office is on E/W Memorial in downtown Dallas, Has all county offices been moved to the new Courthouse?
  10. What people call "Junk Mail" is revenue for the P.O and with revenue it puts food on our table. Just sayin'
  11. I know that hubby went to work (mechanic) USPS Marietta and son (carrier) Marietta, so far so good hubby is chasing mail trucks down, repair or hauling them into the shop.I know that hubby has said it is mandatory to work Sunday, and he never even took a day off during the snow, he has made it in all 3 days to Marietta , but because of the mail not being delivered the last three days, he has to be there because the trucks will be on the road Sunday.
  12. we have 13 people ,granbaby,SIL and daughter came just in case they lost power.sons and DIL,grankids, Sleding on the Radio Flyer riding 4 wheelers Bingo,movies t.v, I told them all this morning that by the time this storm is over, we will either love each other or hate each other for a while.LOL
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