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  1. similar to the "fire triangle", a city must have all 3 for it to become out of control --- food, shelter, and transportation. As far as paulding and douglas, the only one left is cheap transportation.... run marta into this area and see what happens
  2. this oops in planning makes about as much sense as the idiot that decided that the tag office, the county office with the most foot traffic in the entire gov't complex, is going to be located on the 3rd floor. meanwhile, the first floor (and outside offices) in that building are rarely visited...... ------- would you rather replace door hinges, or an entire worn-out elevator?
  3. from my experience, if you do not like the "used car salesman" tactics, then do not go to marietta eye clinic in douglasville. pricing for cataract surg there was all over the place.... we finally said forget it and left the place after getting a quote for $6,000 out-of-pocket after cigna paid --- and then after that they tried to charge me $9 for those flimsy dark cheap sunglasses too (before i even made the appt for surgery) i finally went to thomas eye group and paid $1780 per eye out-of-pocket. for me, it was worth saving thousands to drive near northside hospital
  4. is it really discrimination when certain groups behavior are the only ones disrupting an event? https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/us-news/university-apologises-after-black-students-12495665 but then, there is another "respectful" site with their own opinion: http://blacksportsonline.com/home/2018/05/watch-university-of-florida-usher-grab-shove-black-graduates-off-stage-as-they-try-to-celebrate-receiving-their-diploma-video/ the NFL put a stop to this end zone celebrating / dancing years ago hey paulding board of education --- what is the plan for this kind of "disr
  5. these training sessions would explain a hiram officer sitting in a kennesaw police car with a laser at stinky bottoms....... since they taking the incentive and training --- why can't they learn how to write up traffic accidents? (or how to write tickets for handicap parking?)
  6. i could not find anyone less than $3k when i had a floor sag under a wood stove..... ended up doing it myself, little bit of digging, poured a concrete pad 3ft x 3ft with a couple rebar, then used a car jack to raise it back up a little higher than level and let it back down level on a 6x6 post. No problem with for years now. total cost approx $70 and a couple hours labor. looked at a book and watched a couple videos online
  7. Pinches Monos


    ---- i lost access to my email " @bellsouth.net " because of the at&t / yahoo mess a couple years ago. I am still cleaning up the problems. There are certain websites that will only reset my password by replying to that old email address. Once every couple months, i have to actually call a company to try to reset my account, or i end up having to create a new account. --- lesson learned: always use a 3rd party email and not be held hostage to at&t, comcast, cox, or direct for access to important accounts such as your mortgage or greystone, etc
  8. civil liability --- make it easier to file suit against them currently, there is no down side / negative consequences for them to sell deception gawker magazine does not exist today because they crossed the line choosing sensationalism over ethics {whether or not it was "fake" news, it was still a personal attack against a celebrity}
  9. From what i understand here in paulding {and correct me if i am wrong}, code enforcement, previously, was a more-or-less civil matter with basic fines, etc paid to the city/county for violations..... A couple years back the county commissioners decided to make all the code violations into criminal matters / misdemeanors, with potential 1-year jail time and big fines...... Well, then it did not take them long to find out that these criminal cases are prosecuted by the D.A. office and each case has to now go through a real "due process", including jury trials, 4th amendment, etc ---- the
  10. after living in this county for over 30 years, and having sheriffs grogan, harris and gulledge, i can personally say the above statement still holds true
  11. i am sure the exemptions will be for : any vehicle with a "thin blue line" sticker patrol cars {on or off duty} garbage trucks losing garbage as they go down the road
  12. dr. ortenzi -- office near I-20 & Thornton Rd she has seen me for over 22 years
  13. since you plead "nolo" to your case, that maybe good for the criminal court, but does nothing for the civil court issue, and you are still considered to have contributed to the accident / negligence. --- as far as the guy that hit you, you should have contacted the d.a.. and made it a condition of him pleading guilty, that you would get restitution to fix your car. They would have given him a new court date and he would have to pay before then OR they would put him on probation until you get paid. you can get free quotes from attorneys, but in your case, i think they are going to lo
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