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  1. Hello my name is Scott, If you have some work you need done around your home or business I am available for hire. Experienced in: Carpentry Flooring Painting Lawn Care Gutter Cleaning Wash Cars/Trucks/Campers Clean Houses Pressure Washing Prunning Landscaping anything in or around your home or small business. Have Truck & Tools. If I can help you with your troubles, You will help me with mine at the same time. Scott Knapp 770 374-3655 (call or text)
  2. Hello fellow P.comers. I just wanted to stop by and drop a post letting everyone know that I am available for any and all types of work and/or manual labor. Clean gutters, Rake Leaves, Clean out attics, basements, craw spaces, barns, whatever. I also do all types of yard work and small repairs to houses and small buildings. I have many other skills as well. If you need even the simplest task done, please let me know. You can PM me here or send me an email: scottie1972 [AT] gmail.com. Thank You for your time. Scott.
  3. I am a pretty good floor mechanic. I can work by the hour or by the foot. I have done all types of flooring, carpet, tile, vinyl, sub-floor repair... just let me know. email: scottie1972@gmail.com Cell: 678-255-7384 ask for Scott
  4. I have talents in construction. electrical. roofing. lawn care. small engine repair. computer repair. painting. flooring. web design. i need any odd job or work that i can find. if you have something for me to do please leave a reply.
  5. what the hell does obama have todo with any of this?....nothing! next question. you point a gun at me.... BELIEVE IT! I am coming after your *$% (gluteus maximus). so you better have 2 things. 1) a clear shot. 2) no conscience.
  6. any questions, comments? just remember.. you cant change what you do not control!
  7. My son and I was at Home Depot in Hiram. We checked out right at closing time tonight. As we were loading the lumber in his small ranger, A very COOL & NICE fellow by the name of John walked up and handed me one of those good ratchet straps. We was using the twine that home depot gives out. (The quality of the twine is sorry. We might have hurt someone or ourselves if we used it.) Anyways, I ask John "What do I owe you for the strap?" He replied, just do something nice for someone else. At that moment I was thankful! I think someone up there either likes me or is looking
  8. im not a landscaper but i do good work for a good price. and i can haul off the debris. if interested, 770-885-8209 and my name is Scottie
  9. Now for something that means more then some stupid trial! On this day, My mother was born. 18 years later on this day, I was born also. So to my mom, Thank You for dealing with me all these years. Thank You for putting up with me and my shenanigans. Thank You for always being there and for the lessons you have taught me. I Love You Mom! Happy Birthday Mom (2013)
  10. I have this suzuki ds80 (79cc) dirt bike. it does run and i do ride it. refresh rebuilt carb, crappy paint, good tires, needs front brake pads. it would be an awesome project for a father and son... or mother and daughter to work on together. i will let it go cheap. i can even drop it off to you. (inside paulding county only) if interested, send me a PM / TEXT / CALL - scottie 770 885 8209 i can PM / EMAIL pictures but only to the interested. This item has been sold!
  11. i will do it for $35.00
  12. Thank You! Hope you have a great 4th as well. Rain or Shine, I will be watching fireworks right across the street. (like i do every year) I climb on to the top of my house and I can watch fireworks being shot off all around me. And at night with a little fog, it is even better! least with the rain the chances of setting something on fire is greatly reduced. You can't beat that!
  13. as far as a permit goes... i can deal with that when i have everything that i need to start construction. although, i am not worried about the marshal's office, my neighbor is a very cool!
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