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  1. Bonded out the day after arrest? Hmmm.... I wonder who the bonding company was... again. TurnstyleTonny strikes again?
  2. Consider your candidates. If you don't like any candidate or the election is unopposed, consider a symbolic write-in vote for Cynde Bates.
  3. Years have passed since this post but has anything changed? After having my daughter alienated from me as a child 8 years ago, I'm now alienated from my adult child. I've seen her twice in 8 years. Some may claim that is of my own doing but my daughter has no relationship with a sister and her last living grandparent, her paternal grandfather. Though she enjoyed her time with both last year at my mother's home after she passed away. Paraphrasing, someone once told me that's just the way things have always been done (in Paulding County). I still have a lot of interesting emails that I supp
  4. Thank you for coming forward with your concerns. I've court watched in Beavers court and spoke about the irregularities, abnormalities, questionable decisions and seemingly hidden influences for years and have been labeled a "Beavers Basher" because of it. The fact of the matter is if a judge gets it right 80% of the time or less, is it okay to be wrong 20% of the time, or more? When is it acceptable for a judge to deliberately or negligently get it wrong?
  5. Rumor has it this case may go to trial in April. Has anyone heard anything?
  6. Pre-trial motions and disposition of motions avail a crooked judge the opportunity to suppress evidence. It is the reason why a troubling judge with conflicts of interest should recuse himself. Cases can be lost based on the suppression of evidence prior to any trial. It can even determine if a case even goes to trial at all.
  7. It's not exclusive to third world countries and it occurs quite frequently here. Remember Sandra Bland was killed under mysterious circumstances in police custody. There was even a case were a young man shot himself in the chest while his hands were cuffed behind his back. America is no stranger to strange deaths while in police custody. America is 5% of the world's population but the land of the free is home to 25% of the world's incarcerated.
  8. Excellent article from TownHall.com on the effects of pathogenic parenting. So many parents have no idea what this is... until it happens to them. Georgia happens to be one of the worst states for having this occur. Many Georgia judges are bad for families and bad for kids. Paulding County Superior Court is no exception.
  9. Conway had to be almost impossible to work with, live. Once he got going, not even the cast could keep a straight face. Harvey Korman, was always the first one to lose it and start cracking up.
  10. I think the authorities and the media should either post the names or not post the names. Selectively or strategically choosing which names to make available is crap. Post them all or post none of them.
  11. Interesting that the parties are of age but have not been photo identified. The shooter's face is completely blurred but the wounded person was not. It is also interesting that neither has been charged with any crime to this point. Why the secrecy all of a sudden? Is the shooter a well connected long time Paulding resident?
  12. You were outraged then but you aren't now? I'm pretty sure staining a dress with DNA and collusion with Russia are on two different levels.
  13. "He doesn't have to say, 'go lie for me', for it to be a crime. “He doesn’t have to say, ‘let’s obstruct justice’ for it to be a crime.” — Sen. Lindsey Graham, quoted by Now This in 1999, on impeaching President Bill Clinton.
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