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  1. Will not ever forget. I was on a plane that morning when the first tower was hit. Thankfully, I was headed to Ft. Walton Beach for work. The airport stayed closed for close to a week. It took Hertz 5 days to okay me driving home. Luckily I packed for 3 days, thus just had to buy a few things. The place was a ghost town since vacationers could not fly in. A real solemn time in our country's history.
  2. Damn dogs tried to wake me and I resisted. Next thing I know, planes cruising quite low. Sounded like a flyover.
  3. Just heard it is probably a staging area for a local Gas company doing some expansion.
  4. Anybody know what is going in next to the AutoZone on the corner of Ridge Rd and Dallas Nebo?
  5. Lovable black with white markings kitten. About 7 months old. Born feral, but he loves getting petted. Just dropped him off at the vet to get neutered and get his rabies shot. He is available on Wednesday to a good home. He is from the fourth litter of our local feral Mom. Everyone we have caught and gotten adopted has been really sweet. I can be contacted at 770-367-3363. I am having a tough time uploading a picture. If interested send me a text and I will send a picture. Thanks.
  6. Right now PCB is on the wrong side of Michael. If you have friends and or property there, Good Luck!
  7. Not to change the topic, but when I mentioned the Chick news to my wife, she said Applebees is closed. I had not heard this. Anyone know the scoop?
  8. Why wouldn't the citizens of Dallas want a vibrant night life? It would bring in new tax dollars, which last I heard the city could use.
  9. I just perused McCracken's Facebook page. There is a lot of negativity going on about the Dallas location. Anybody have any insight. Sounds like the city is pushing them to the limit. I have lived here now for 19 years and it always seems like Dallas is hell bent on keeping alcohol out of the city. With the continued expansion of Georgia Highlands and Chattahoochee Tech, man the city could use a place for the 21 plus crowd to gather. Even my old butt would enjoy something different than the normal chains we see along 278. Dallas needs to step up and help the man, rather than keep add
  10. The walkout is a voice, not about guns, but reality, the reality many systems need to be fixed before the next kids get harmed. Why Paulding, Cobb and other districts can’t deal with these kids rights are crazy. I still remember when my son came home from school and we told him to do something and he said No. I have rrights. The school system taught him that and now they tell these kids they don’t. Bullcheeze. My son turned out fine, but is still strong willed because of what the school system taught him about our constitution.
  11. Over two inches here. Ice under the snow so be careful folks.
  12. Well we finished with 12" at least.
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