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  1. Hey dude what you do behind closed doors is your own business........ But try some Preparation H and see if that helps.
  2. That's California for you, I prefer the South where it only rains cats and dogs.
  3. Well if it's on the Internet it must be true. (They can't put anything on the Internet that's not true.)
  4. FrankinStorm is on it's way !
  5. Since it was no longer listed on my profile page I assumed it had been taken down. The Political forum seems to be password protected what's up with that ?
  6. I came back today to see what became of my post on health care entitlement and it seems PCOM took it down. I can't imagine why. was it something I said ?
  7. As long as he got his victims from Jersey what's the harm ?
  8. I tried to give a positive vote for a comment I thought was helpful. A pop-up said I had reached my quota for positive votes. What's up with that ? I read some comments I didn't like I guess the quota for that is zero. Hey PCom down with quotas !
  9. Please Lord when I go don't let it be in a Quik Trip parking lot......or Walmart. Amen.
  10. Get this, the guy I spoke of earlier that banged on my door and later robbed the house down the street the Sheriffs office told me they believed it was a Father and Son operation. I guess the family that steals together stays together.
  11. It must have a donut shop near by if you want them to just hang out.
  12. Never watched. But Revenge is a plate best served cold........maybe I'll watch it on Hulu.com
  13. This is good news did the police tell you this ? 18 is not a kid I was in Vietnam when I was 19. I know you want your stuff back but letting this guy off scott-free will not help him or the community. Keeps us posted !
  14. DENVER (AP) — A rally organized by opponents of hydraulic fracturing drew about 200 people to Denver's Civic Center Park on Tuesday night.... Is it just me or does it concern anyone else that the oil companies with their track record for environmental disasters are pumping millions of gallons of sand,water and chemicals (chemicals that they refuse to divulge citing trade secrets) just below America's underground aquifers a bit worrying ?
  15. I'M Going to Disneyland !!!......Just kidding, I'm broke I'll have to settle for that hooky haunted house down the street.
  16. In 57 days it will be December 21, 2012 the predicted end of the World. If you knew for certain you only had 57 more days left what would you do ?
  17. A day does not go by that I do not hear the ear piercing roar of someone racing their motorcycle or car off in the distance. When people act crazy bad things happen and until something is done about the reckless driving we see and hear everyday we will just have to get use to the death and destruction that follows. The police can only do so much it has to start in our own homes by educating our kids and reminding ourselves of the responsibility that comes along with operating a vehicle on public roads. Accidents will always happen but some of this can be avoided by just using some common sens
  18. Wait until you get the bill for your breathing air tax.
  19. Romney was like a parrot repeating everything Obama said. Romney couldn't take a trip to England without pissing off the whole country. He'll have us in a war Iran or Syria within six months of taking office.
  20. At times Romney looked like a fish out of water.
  21. Not to be worn at night in communities who have organized a neighborhood watch.
  22. Drink lot's of fluids. I suggest Miller Lite.
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