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  1. Every since Greystone installed the new "smart meters" everything has been screwed up, my bill has almost doubled. Call them and they hand you so much condescending crap I have given up with trying to call them.
  2. Which Romney will come to the debates tonight ?
  3. Funny coincidence, a few months back I was in the shower and the doorbell rang. I didn't want to answer it but they kept banging away. When I opened the door a surprised looking guy very nervously asked if I knew where "Shawn" lived. His red Chevy had been backed into my driveway and was left running. Later that day I learned a house down the street had their back door kicked in and had their house ransacked. The police showed me a picture of a red Chevy they suspected was involved in many break ins it was the same car I saw in my driveway.
  4. The way he suddenly pulled down the ad and abruptly hung up on Piclady's daughter it sounds like he knows people are on to him. If they don't know where he lives by now I'm afraid he's long ago gotten rid of the evidence.
  5. Can't the SO do a reverse phone look up and get an address from the number on the CL add ?
  6. She had better act fast he probably knows the jig is up and is trying to ditch the stuff.
  7. Don't worry as soon as Romney and the Republicans are in charge the blessings will start trickling down like manna from heaven.
  8. Illinois A state law requires that a man's female companion shall call him "master" while out on a date. The law does not apply to married couples. In Zion, It is illegal for anyone to give cats, dogs, or other domesticated animals a lighted cigar
  9. Here is a couple of quotes I enjoy; Deut. 23:1 No man whose testicles have been crushed or whose organ has been cut off may become a member of the Assembly of God. Leviticus 24:16 Whoever utters the name of the Lord must be put to death. The whole community must stone him, whether alien or native. If he utters the name, he must be put to death
  10. "CHICAGO (Reuters) - Representative Jesse Jackson Jr., who has been undergoing medical treatment for four months, told constituents in a recorded message Saturday he is "starting to heal" and "anxious to return to work," according to a Chicago radio station." ..... How many Americans can say they could take off four months from work, receive 100% of their pay, get the finest health care available and be assured of a job when they come back to work ?
  11. Next month I will pay the final payment on my house ! But as I approach this monumental event I've wondered do I really own the house ? Well as a friend recently reminded me miss a couple of years of paying property taxes and you'll soon find out. After decades and decades of sharing my income with local, state and federal governments when is enough, enough ? And what exactly do I get for that annual bill the county sends me every November ? I have never had a kid in a Paulding county school, I pay a company to pick up my garbage, I pay every month for the water I drink. I live on a sep
  12. Their was a famous University study of two groups of men. One group said they were indifferent to homosexuals. The other group said the gay life style disgust them and vehemently hated gays especially gay men. Both groups of men were put alone into a room and individually shown porno pictures of gay sexual acts and wired to record their responses The first group showed little if any reaction. The second group, those that said they hated homosexuals the most surprisingly showed signs of arousal by what they saw. So in some cases, as Shakespeare once said, "I think perhaps you Protest too m
  13. May explain the crop circle I found this morning in my front yard !
  14. Sometimes when I pull up to a red light I can see the dust vibrating on the hood of the car behind me because of the booming stereo inside. If music heals those people may live forever.
  15. A lot of people have reported seeing strange lights and hearing unexplained booms in Paulding here lately. When I first moved here almost twenty years ago I was on Dallas Nebo Rd down by the swap on my way to Douglasville one night at around nine o'clock. When I suddenly saw a triangle shaped craft slowly and without any sound fly just above the trees and disappear into the woodlands. Have you ever seen a UFO ?
  16. The FBI announced they have foiled another terrorist plot this time a student from Bangladesh who had planned to blow up the Federal Reserve building. Is law enforcement so cleaver that they are always in the right place at the right time and able to save us all just in the nick of time, or is it possible they are goading people into these plots just to justify the war on terrorism and the continuation of the Patriot Act. Just a thought that came across my mind the last time a TSA agent was probing my private parts at the airport.
  17. Guns for votes is against everything our country stands for and I find it offensive........I prefer cold hard cash.
  18. [media][/media] I knew that, but I don't get it I copied the url in the box that says insert media and the video appears but when I click post all I get is that [media] box what am I doing wrong?
  19. Ok smarty pants tell me how. The video was on the page but disappeared when I posted it.
  20. But it was amazing ! .... you will just have to use your imagination
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