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  1. Evidently I don't know how to insert a u-Tube video .....sorry
  2. What happens when you hook a 600 lb Marlin ?..... [media][/media]
  3. If you must have one try Big Lots they have them cheap.
  4. A recent poll said that 38% of the people that watched the Presidential debates were watching the debates on line while simultaneously tweeting their thoughts on line. Is this a good thing or not ?
  5. Anyone know a local mechanic that would work on a Porsche and not take me to the cleaners ?
  6. Their are some products on the market that you can use to paint counter-tops. I have been kicking the idea around for months any advice ?
  7. In Republican political terms it's called "Having your cake and eating it too".
  8. I doubt that tax rate would support our military, fire and police dept's education and road systems. But their is no harm dreaming.
  9. Obama sucker ?....That must be some kind of political term I'm not familiar with. But you have a great day too !
  10. Seems to me he explained it pretty well, maybe you being the expert can enlighten us.
  11. He would have paid more but thank goodness he was able to claim a 77,000 dollar tax deduction for Ann's dancing show horse. What's more valuable twenty dollars to a billionaire tax evader or twenty dollars to a family that doesn't know where their next meal is coming from.
  12. It's amusing that when Romney beats the system he is just an honest man taking advantage of deductions afforded him under the law. But when low income people do the exact same thing and wind up with no Federal tax obligation they are just blood sucking deadbeats. You know you really can't have it both ways can you ?
  13. During the early days of the economic crises the Republicans rushed to the aid of the culprits of the collapse, Wall Street with the 750 billion dollar T.A.R.P. bill. Democrats went to the aid of Main Street and saved the auto industry in the process. In a sense that's what our two parties have always been about Wall Street vs Main Street and that's really all you need to know when you go to cast your vote.
  14. I had only read this post and not read the eyewitness accounts. However in most cases if a motorcycle is involved in a wreck it;s safe to assume speed is a factor. But as in any case where injuries are involved regardless of the circumstances I pray for the victims full recovery.
  15. With their reckless disregard for the law and speed limits we are bound to see more this.
  16. I want to know why the price of coffee is so high ! It must be some politicians fault, probably a Democrat. And who is behind the up coming bacon shortage. Don't we elect these people to bring home the bacon ? It's an outrage
  17. Reminds me of how much Ryan looks like Eddie Munster.......sorry.
  18. I might consider voting for Romney if I could keep up with what he supports, unfortunately in changes with every new poll. He's like a box of chocolates you never know what you're going to get.
  19. Of course if you don't like Romney's opinions tonight; just wait tomorrow is a brand new day.
  20. Romney is like a door to door salesman trying to sell a vacuum cleaner without letting anyone plug it in to see if it works.
  21. I would tell you the joke about a man and a 2x4 that dressed up as a Popsicle.....but I won't.
  22. And Romney has written them all off.
  23. When my Mother was diagnosed with cancer her primary care doctor took us aside and told us it had spread through out her body and nothing more could be done. Then the hospital doctors took over and started her on chemotherapy. I watched her suffer through this but said nothing because I did not want to take away her hope. Then the doctors said the first round had not helped and they were going to start a second round. I put my foot down and asked them was their really any hope this would help. They admitted probably not. I had her transferred to a hospice where she was able to live out her rem
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