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  1. Call ED-770-577-2409-liscensed and insured
  2. <br /><br /><br /> I am talking about the city roads-the ones inside of ATL, the ones that were backed up with cars trying to get out of the city and go home.Up north, they salt the streets before the snow falls-JUST BEFORE, not days before or even the night before. Someone is in charge of watching the weather, and just before the storm hits, the trucks are sent out and they get the streets ready. We knew late the night before that we were going to be hit with a big snow event. At that time, they thought it would be about 2 o'clock when it got here. By morning, it was snowing a little(I went to bed about 1 o'clock),and they should have know the timing moved up. Someone should have been monitoring the storm, but no one was-NO-ONE!!!! Those trucks should have been on the street at least an hour or so before the 1st snowflake hit the ground. It wouldn't have washed away-there was no rain coming-it was to cold. Sending trucks out after traffic was snarled, after the snow and ice made the roads unuseable, and after the traffic clogged every road in the city was useless!!! The only salt/cinder truck I saw, was a Dallas city truck, in downtown Dallas on business 6 at about 1 o'clock, and thank God it was there, or that's where I would have been stuck with a lot of other people trying to get up that big hill to the old court house. Atlanta workers still insist that they never saw even one truck, and the Mayor himself said that they "couldn't get the trucks out to where they were needed because the streets were closed down with traffic and unpassable". They were not unpassable just before the snow and ice came-at about 7:00, when those trucks should have been sent out to do their job. Then at 9:00, when the snow came, the streets would have been driveable. The snow, when it melted because of the cars driving over it, would not have turned to ice. Cars would have been able to navigate the hills and there would have been no sheets of glass to send people careening into each other. That is the point I was trying to make-not about the interstates-that was another dropped ball!! Our local streets suffered the same fate for the same reason-everyone waited to long, and the reason was that they hoped to not use the equipment and materials, and save money. I like saving my tax money, but not when it means we don't receive important services. Safety is an important service!!! How many of us had our cars wrecked, our lives turned upside down while we waited to get our cars fixed(I still haven't had an adjuster show up -they have an "overload" of work!!!), our nerves frazzled while we drove in harrowing conditions for hours(it took me 5 1/2 hours to get to New Georgia from the Dallas post office), or waited for our loved ones to get home safely, especially our children on the school buses ( you know, those buses that don't have to have seat belts like we do). I am soooooo glad no one died here because of it, at least on the 1st day anyway!! When you consider all the money wasted by our public officials on travel, dinners,reports ,surveys,studies, expenditures that were never needed, and just some of those things we have all heard of and can't believe, you can see why holding off a little longer to save the money for SALT and CINDER (relatively cheap stuff), was ridiculous. AND...that is what it came down to-just wait, maybe we won't need to use it, and then it will sit around for another year, and we will wait that year too (probably to long again). So, we all WAITED-in traffic, in danger, in fear for ourselves and others. While I'm at it, let me vent on just one more thing. Having finally made it to 61, by the high school, I was at the top of the next big hill I'd have to make it over. After waiting for about 1 1/2 hours for my turn to navigate the hill( you all know what I mean-we all patiently waited turns so that we could take the dangerous trip down and up a hill alone-with no one in the way to crash into. This way, if we didn't make it, only we wrecked. SSOO-I start down (my heart in my throat), trying to keep traction with the road (RIGHT), and knowing I had to gain some speed before climbing the hill, when someone in the lane going the other way, backs up into my lane to tow another car out of a ditch. He obviously saw me coming, he knew how we were all trying to make the hill, but he pulled in front of me and stopped. Well, there was no braking on the down slope-I'd have lost traction and really been in trouble. So I prayed, and manuvered, and prayed more, and came to a stop almost touching that truck. Wide eyed and shaking, I asked the young man what he thought he was doing-really!! He said he was a "good samaritan" helping out. Somewhat exasperated, I told him what an idiot he was-he almost caused a serious accident, and could have waited to back up into my lane. He got nasty, and verbal. I told him he was wrong, and should have assessed the situation better-a "good samaritan" does not cause others to crash-it doesn't help to help one person, and put another in a hospital or in the ground!! Do you know what he told me?? You better shut up, or I'll put you in handcuffs-a police officer???? Really???? Well, he could have been lying, or maybe he wasn't. I just had to leave, and shake my head in amazement!!! I really do hope that wasn't one of Gary's men-this is not the kind of person we need to protect and serve!!! I hope it was just someone lying to cover his useless a$$, and intimidating me into shutting up about his careless endangerment of me and anyone else trying to walk along that road at that moment(and there were several walking as I slid past them). I still can't get over it-the stupidity of the man/kid/whatever!! Thanks for hearing me out-that's been on my mind since it happened. I think we have a great sherriffs dept, and our local police officers are the best! I really hope the guy was lying, because a person like that in a position of authority is a danger to the community. He put his own ideas and needs before sensibility and safety-what a jerk!!
  3. I've used some of the ones listed here, and have had mixed success with all of them-sometimes they were good, and sometimes they weren't. Even had one of the most named here actually send the police over to my house to check for my vehicle being a stolen vehicle????? I couldn't understand why, until I remembered that I had made a comment (it was obviously a joke!!!) that the car was the only good thing I got out of my ex-husband, so maybe he stole it, because he was so cheap (or something to that effect, because he never got me anything of value-he paid the down payment, and I made all the other payments)It was a real surprise when 2 dectives showed up-i provided the paperwork, and they laughed it off-I didn't think it was so funny though!!!! ...and, he never did a great job on my car anyway! After much trial and error, I found C&G automotive-the owner is Marty-I get wonderful service there-he's fast, through, and I never have those suspicious "break downs" right after I go, necessitating another repair, like I did with the two big dealers in the area. They are located near the Sherriffs dept off Dallas Acworth hghy-PM me for contact info. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed. He is fair, deals well with his woman clients well ( another thing the others don't do well-great with the guys, but treat the women differently, if you know what I mean), and his prices are very reasonable. I wouldn't reccommend anyone else-I tried most of them, and this is the only one I use now.
  4. <br /><br /><br /> call Terry Bates-he does great work, and can custom make any cabinets you want-678-715-0377
  5. PCS-is a member here-call them, liscensed and insured -they specialize in repairs-ED will come right out and give you a free estimate-They haven't had much work through the winter, and will be happy for the lead-770-577-2409
  6. We only go the rome Braves now-a much better family choice!! You get the best of baseball-old school style. You can get up close and personal with the players (especially after the game) the players are not haughty-they throw balls to the kids and interact with the crowd. <br />You can sit in the stands, or go to "home run hill" a grassy area with picnic tables, and sit and eat, or put out a chair or blanket on the grass. Lots of foul balls for the kids, and lots of others thrown out to them just for fun. <br /><br />There are some blow ups for the younger kids if they get bored. Everything is a little cheaper than downtown, and a whole lot safer. It's more like old time baseball-a great day out for the family, and very affordable.<br /><br />We tail gate at our car before the game-go in full and happy, and enjoy the game in comfort. They even have many fire work displays throughout the summer-a great end to a great day!! Then we take the short ride home in comfort and safety as well, as we enjoy our evening ride through the country, instead of the city-love our outings to see the Rome Braves!!!
  7. <br /><br /><br /> ...and our govenor too! To say that "we were taken by surprise" only shows he had no clue, has no clue, and never will have any clue!! I had friends from all ove the country calling me and asking who the heck our idiot govenor is, ans why we elected him. He was at home, in bed, and not paying any attention to anything, as we were about to be broadsided by a huge storm. He could have taken action in advance of the storm, but did not because he didn't even know it was coming-REALLY!!! How many of us parents stayed up all night, watching the weather, and trying to decide if we shoud keep the kids home? We depended on the gov't to make a good call, and I will never do that again. Glad mine made it home safe and in a timely manner, but many did not make it home on time, and suffered for the mistakes made by our leaders. ...and as far as Reed- SHAME ON YOU,not for his remarks, or even taking the emergency lane (after all, it was an emergency) Shame on you for not preparing the roads in advance, for not being aware and ready, and for trying to pretend you have a clue about what to do in a snow or ice emerency-you don't. You didn't prepare the roads, because you didn't want to use funds and material that would dip into the budget. Listen up-THOSE FUNDS AND MATERIALS ARE FOR EMERGENCIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They did us no good on the roads after the emergency-you wasted the city's money!!! Go back and try to learn how to do your job right-you have all the resources to do that, you are just to stubborn and full of yourself to understand that there is so much more to do and learn.
  8. Does anyone in this area have the tool to turn off the water main at the street?? I have a friend with frozen pipes, who cannot turn off the water at her house-pipes are frozen, and we are hoping to avert a catastrope in her house. Please post me if you have the tool, and you can get there. This is the mother of a soldier-he's not ther to help her, so lets help her out for him. thanks-770-577-2409-so I don't miss you by not being on line
  9. <br /><br /><br /> ...and, I need to add, so do those who spoke about the difference betweent teen girla and boys-raised 2 girls-wouldn't do it agian for big money!!!! Drama, drama, and arguments-then-arguments, arguments, and drama. Got a little bundle left on the front porch ( by one of my -AHEMM!! Daughters), checked 1st to see if it had the appropriate apendages-he did!! Kept him, otherwise, I'd have given it to anyone who wanted it-really!!! Sorry if you are offended-if you have daughters, have fun!! If you retain your sanity ( which I barely did), post me back in a few years and tell me how it went. Think you'll find out I was pretty much right, and apologize for mistrusting my judgement!!!
  10. <br /><br /><br /> YUP_-that there is a smart person-knows a thing or two about teenagers-hahahahaha
  11. <br /><br /><br /> WHOO-HHOO!!!Gonna bring al the boy scoutgs for that one-and my doga to.they love snow.Hope they don't make it yellow-LOL
  12. pcs-charli


    call Ed at PCS-770-577-2409
  13. I don't mind seeing my politicians in the parade-nice to see them out there and handing out candy to the kids as part of our community. The flyers didn't bother me either . The kids weren't the only ones collecting candy-i was also!! Got a few ornary looks from people for doing it-not that I competed with the children around me to get at the candy!!! My grandson and one of his scouting friends were out there with me. We have a young man who was part of our troop, who is in the service at fort Stewart. We collected the candy for the boys there, and will send it out this week
  14. She seemed to be a nice girl as long as he wasn't round. As soon as they got together, she seemed to take on his attitude, and it was all about him and no one else. Evn when we went to Stone Mtn (bought everyone a Mountain Member pass for the year), she walked around with him and they seemd to want to exclude us. It's sad, but that's what happens sometimes with girls-they become little slaves to the boys whims. We went food shopping together, and he pouted throught the whole store because I told him we were there for ood and not snacks We hadplenty of snacks. He went out of his way to fill the cart with the biggest bag of pizza rolls he could find, a case of Mountain Dew, and any other junk he coulod find, and still walked around with his hands in his pockets, his head slumped down into his neck, and just generally a misarable person. She kept trying to get him to smile and behappy, but he is the type of person to not be happy unless he gets his way 100 percent. Glad they are out, but I do worry about her. He was a manipulator-tried to get his way all the time. His incredible ignorance was terrible-I just can't do stupid, and he did it constantly. His crude remarks, his sick sense of humor, and his lack of anything that could even resemble manners or social correctness was unbelievable. But, it was one of his last remarks that brought it all home for me. He said " Im sic of all you people trying to make me a beter person" He is truely happy being the ignorant fool he is!!! Thinks he's something special.And as far as she goes, she believes him. At 19, he has no car or liscense, no job or skills, no home or hope if having one any time in the future, and no clue as to what it takes to make it in life. I think they are staying in one of the empty houses around here t's about to get really cold and we'll have to see if that drives them out into the open.
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