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  1. Does anyone know how to reach her? I have some great news that without her it would have never happened.
  2. Although I am not in the area anymore I thought I would let u guys know. T mobile rolled out an unlimted plan months ago. It was free for new customers but 100 per phone to switch over if you were a current customer plus u kept your contract. I was ready to cancel my service because coverage sucks and unlimited everything was much less than what I pay per month. It would have cost me more to cancel my contract and I refused to pay a migration fee that NEW customers got for free. I just found out OLD customers can now switch for free. It cut my bill in half.
  3. where r they posting? so I can keep updated thanks
  4. has anyone heard how the one that had to be life flighted is doing???
  5. Let her go it may be a great form of birth control
  6. we do and i went a step further last year. My dad is now in his 80's and always calls my son a squirrell my son calls him a fish. Sooooo I bought 2 Christmas ornaments from Mark David on here that he made one of a fish and one of a squirrell. I sent the fish to my dad and asked him to write a message to my son on the bottom and give it to him for Christmas. I had my son write a message on the fish one and he gave it to my dad for Christmas. Hopefully it will be kept forever and passsed on.
  7. My version of low carb. Any meat fruit or vegetable and nuts. NO potatoes NO rice No pasta NO bread NO SUGAR. Apples were ok and worked for me. I did use any salad dressing just not huge amounts. Lots of water. I can not exercise and gained weight from steroids but I lost 45 pounds. After two weeks I would give myself one day to eat whatever I wanted but would not eat like a crazy person...normal portions only. Basically I lost about five pounds a week and did not gain it back. I attribute this to some natural carbs and it worked.
  8. ATT is great and will give you great price if you dont settle for what they initially offer
  9. I completely agree but how do you go thru orientation and training. Not everyone is out there for a free ride. And in reality until you have back problems you have NO IDEA. My thoughts changed once I was hurt.
  10. Standing is very very short intervals, sitting an hour at max and to get groceries the use of a riding cart. Walking to bathroom is fine. Disability takes 2 to 3 years if not more. If you can think of a way to contribute let me know.
  11. On the topic of Welfare and "Free" money. what is there to say about a parent who was injured on the job after 20 years with the same company. Multiple failed surgeries has problems walking, sitting and standing who does not qualify for cash assistance becasue they can not sit thru a class for two weeks because of the on the job injury? Much less apply for 30 jobs a week. I know how to get a job I can't work because of the injury??? Thoughts on this????
  12. The answer may be to come together and work as one to get the common goal completed
  13. Moving may be your answer then you can be an immigrant. Unless everyone here is 100% native american your ancestor was an immigrant at one point. May be something to think about. Now being an immigrant and abusing the system is another thing.
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