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  1. we usually start around july, unless the gift is going to be some sort of technology that would obsolete or worth half as much by christmas some of the best deals and email coupons from online stores come around other holidays such as july 4th, labor day, memorial day, veterans day some favs that email killer deals throughout the year are --- woot, new egg, vermont country store, slickdeals, cabellas, fry's, etc
  2. " A New York man was sentenced today to 24 months in prison for his role in one of the largest credit card fraud schemes ever charged by the Justice Department....." " originally charged in February 2013 as part of a conspiracy to fabricate more than 7,000 false identities to obtain tens of thousands of credit cards. " how does someone only get 24 months in prison and a $1,000 fine (& only allowed to plea guilty to 1 count) -- for credit card fraud involving more than $200 million in losses and thousands of cards & transactions? so, are we saying that now crime does
  3. " Belmont Farms was redeveloped and opened as Belmont Hills Shopping Center on November 18, 1954. At the time, the 50-acre retail strip mall with 2500 parking spaces, was the largest shopping center in the South " http://www.smyrnahistory.org/_history_ofsmyrna.htm
  4. yes, the road widening & extra lanes is all i could find online, but the road upgrades will be needed for the extra traffic that this new facility is going to bring in..... not in the bill arp section of town, but after reading those comments, it makes sense for it to be a hub / transfer point for tractor trailers, etc --- they are grading a couple hundred acres completely flat and level with about 20 dozers and it will have easy access to bankhead and I-20
  5. anyone know what the big construction project is going to be in the douglasville area between hwy 5 and bright star rd? --- it is big enough to be another mall / factory {one entrance is on gurley rd and the other side is on bright star}
  6. just borrow a welders helmet, or if you want to really buy something, then buy just the replacement lens for a welders helmet at sears, or tractor supply or home depot, or northern tool, etc --- make sure it is for a electric arc welder protection and not the light-duty gas welder goggles / lens
  7. the partial eclipse {in paulding} will be coming through approx 2:35pm, when elementary schools normally let out...... if you want to see the total eclipse then the closest place to be in the path will be in n.e. georgia or the area between chattanooga and knoxville.... If you know any welders, borrow their helmets to look at it http://www.eclipse2017.org/eclipse2017_main.htm
  8. and they also told the public about 10 years ago that the u-scan / self scanner was going to save us money
  9. FYI -- kroger is ending the senior discount day (wednesdays), beginning may 17th http://clark.com/shopping-retail/food-restaurants/confirmed-kroger-ending-senior-discount-at-these-188-stores/?utm_source=Clark+Newsletter+List&utm_campaign=b3aa181375-Clark_Daily_Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_afa92deb83-b3aa181375-71025353
  10. Rockmart man; GBI says he had air rifle; remains critical at hospital. http://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/paulding-county/gbi-man-shot-by-officers-had-fake-rifle/498990254
  11. Per the Federal Trade Commission, VIZIO agreed to settle charges that it violated the law when it used its Smart Television's software to collect your info, what you watch, and other habits, etc. They also shared that information with other companies. More than 11 million consumers affected link for more info as well as info on how to disable the tracking: https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/blog/vizio-settlement-smart-tvs-should-not-track-your-shows-without-your-ok?utm_source=govdelivery
  12. ---- I checked the tracking, and it finally made it back to douglasville post office today, but it went to the 30135 post office. It already went there once on Oct 26th. We (south paulding) are served out of the 30134 location. Maybe i will get it in a day or so, unless they send it back to memphis for re-sorting......
  13. sooooo, i order some christmas gifts early this year, a medium size box and around 20 pounds shipped via fedex. coming to douglasville / south paulding It is looking like it is going to be christmas before it gets here ordered 10/24 started fedex in jersey transferred to spartanburg, sc transferred to ellenwood, ga transferred to U.S. post office douglasville transferred to U.S. post office villa rica transferred to U.S. post office dallas, ga transferred back to fedex in memphis, tn
  14. post it on uship --- there are alot of moving companies {licensed and bonded} that are on there looking for that extra load. just do not hire a company a guy or company that is not insured or federally licensed household mover --- it is easy to check online : https://ai.fmcsa.dot.gov/hhg/search.asp
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