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  1. Can you put a price on saving the last snow leopard or polar bear ? On Monday, new changes to the Endangered Species Act (ESA) were announce. Under the new rules, threatened species would no longer be automatically awarded the same protections as species classified as endangered. The change would for the first time allow regulators to consider the economic impact of habitat protection — such as lost revenue from a ban on logging or mining — in their decision making. https://www.yahoo.com/news/are-new-rules-a-threat-to-endangered-species-215459098.html
  2. Dow drops 800 points https://abcnews.go.com/US/dow-drops-600-points-roller-coaster-markets-continues/story?id=64969484
  3. The bond market flashes a recession warning While the economy is still growing, economists say a downturn could be months away Here is a link about the possibility of a recession. A subject that I would like to discuss without going into partisan politics and having a nasty discussion on Paulding.com. If that is not possible please make my thread invisible. https://www.consumeraffairs.com/news/the-bond-market-flashes-a-recession-warning-081419.html
  4. When someone sues them for something someone post on their website national is going to get local in a hurry.
  5. Hateful ? ..... "Fake News" ran its course ?
  6. Basicly a Right Wing [party], enjoy.
  7. Is that suppose to be a joke ?
  8. Maybe not the intent of this sites new owners but it sure is christmas in august for a certain few. From now on if you have a political opinion in this county there is only one place to express it and if it's not "right" you better believe it's wrong. That place just happens to be in the hands of the very folks that has been trying to sabotage this site for years so merry christmas if you can't beat them burn down the house and run em out of town. BTW would you say that's part of the so called conservative values ?
  9. I don't think it's any secret around here that certain people have been trying for a long time to shutdown any political views that didn't stand in lock step with theirs. Now that he has the corner on political debate in Paulding county I imagine he's feeling pretty smug these days.
  10. If you are conservative, it means you resist change That sounds about right, thanks.
  11. "conservative values" What does that mean ?
  12. Universal truth ; Never trust a Politician, a Lawyer or an Insurance salesman.
  13. To be honest to see PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES of America substituted while sadly true is as offensive if not more than seeing his name.
  14. Was tempted to ask if her sweater kept those puppies warm or if puppies lift and separate but decided it best to keep it to myself , (you never know what that gang of 9 might do next.)
  15. Tempting, but as Johnny Carson use to say ; "I wouldn't touch that line with a 10Ft pole".
  16. It was just yesterday that a governor, a senator and a prince found themselves implicated in this nasty affair but I"m sure, I doubt, it probably has nothing to do with Epstein managing to hang himself in one of the most secure prisons in America. https://www.yahoo.com/news/jeffrey-epstein-sent-girl-governor-200551923.html
  17. CIA, MI6 , KGB ? Financier Jeffrey Epstein dies by apparent suicide in jail Wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein has died in an apparent jailhouse suicide in New York City while awaiting trial on federal sex trafficking charges over his alleged abuse of underage girls, officials said Saturday. Epstein, 66, appeared to have hanged himself in his cell at the federal Metropolitan Correctional Center in lower Manhattan early Saturday, according to officials. The prosecution has been closely watched in political circles because Epstein was friendly in the past with a variety
  18. I like a good fat joke ect. as the next guy, I'm just trying to figure out the ground rules of this new kinder / gentler website.
  19. So for future reference, it's ok to be hateful as long as your target is an imaginary person ?
  20. In determining where the problem is, you might want to look at who constantly starts the threads that do nothing but bash and criticize the president

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