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  1. From the start of school until 5:00
  2. $3 per six pack $15 per flat $8 hanging baskets
  3. The PCHS FFA will be having their annual Plant sale March 31st- April 4th until 5:00pm. Pull around behind the school to the green house. Impatiens... Red petunias Lantana Coleus Straw flower (gaillardia) Ice plant Pink muhly grass Better boy and roma tomatoes Peppers Herbs etc....
  4. Good Grief people! That question didn't hurt any of you!!! Yes, Some trick or treating events (trunk or treat, trick or treat village)are on other nights besides Halloween. In my opinion... this website is for questions people have about things to do with our county/city, that's all that person did. *comes down off my soap box* Sheesh!!
  5. Yep! Starting tomorrow
  6. $10 for all Flats except Wave Petunia which are $15 per flat $2 per pack Everything else is $1-$8 Hosta, Vinca, Impatiens, Wax Begonias, Tomoatoes, Herbs, etc....
  7. Oh No! I live in McClure Ridge.. Had no idea! Sending prayers.
  8. I love zumba! I need someone to come drag my booty off the couch and back to the gym
  9. Really? I live on Bobo.. I have never seen them. I must be completely missing it.
  10. That's probably true.lol. PCHS still sells fruit every year and I was telling my husband his club should try selling doughnuts but then I realized I'd never saw anyone do that here.
  11. Does people still sell boxes of Krispy Kreme for fundraisers? When I was in high school (in alabama ) we did that alot. I've lived in Paulding for 6 years and have never seen anyone do that..
  12. My step-dad is coming down for a training for cement. He says it is at the Ardex plant in Dallas. Anyone know where this is?
  13. you can rent condos' in orlando for around $60 a night. Try homeaway.com
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