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  1. Ah, this is exactly why I started this thread... good points. That's why I need you guys I will give you a buzz sometime or we can chat on FB.
  2. CHOA IS Scottish Rite- CHOA has several campuses and Scottish Rite is the one we were at ... The only problem I have with contacting the hospital directly is that the "Jared boxes" did not seem very appreciated and I am not even sure they made it to patients as they were assembled. I cannot say for sure but I have my suspicions that everything was taken out of the boxes and my note to the patients thrown away... I could be wrong. Also, when my daughter was there, for a non-profit organization I felt it was extremely ridiculous to see what they were charging for even a little bandage. Even t
  3. Sweet! Love you all! I had hoped it was just a case of the MONDAY'S!!!
  4. Wow, not a very good response to this? Interesting. So, I take it that by the lack of response, not many people would be interested in participating. Good to know.
  5. So, we are kind of new to this and we have never done this before so any tips would be appreciated. Our story... in February 2011 our little girl (Haley) went in for her normal 12 month check up. Everything was fine except for her finger prick. Her iron levels were dangerously low. After further testing, her hemoglobin was only at a 6 and it was supposed to be above a 12. The doctors feared leukemia and we were sent immediately to Children's in Atlanta to test her further. After being poked and prodded and waiting a very long weekend we got the call that Haley had a rare, but non-life th
  6. Her daddy looked so proud... did you notice that? C'mon! 16 years old strutting down the aisle with a freakin' garter showing... Classy. I also loved the part where they said she was a devout Christian. I think they could have left that part out.
  7. I agree with the good things said about West Atlanta Peds. Dr. Chad is awesome! I hate that I don't have insurance anymore and have to visit the health dept for the well checks. But when they are sick, I still go to West Atl Peds.
  8. Agreed. You know there will be people who criticize us for this but I don't care.
  9. We have gotten several customers from here... and I don't really advertise on here very much. We went from 20 to 150 customers in 6 weeks in the spring. At least 5-10 came from here. We still get calls and emails too. I agree, it works!
  10. Well, it was our anniversary yesterday and I had planned a nice evening to the Brave's game for tonight. I went to buy the tix this morning and realized they are playing out of town. Ooopps. So we decided to stay around here tonight. Is there anything going on that's fun? It doesn't necessarily have to be "romantic". Just fun.
  11. I agree with cutting the fireworks due to budget. HOWEVER, I would love to see some of the TOP, elected officials take a pay cut too. It seems that the guys at the top just cut all the other stuff but their pockets are still pretty thick and every year their salary grows. They sure don't have to worry about the recession. I would like to see more of the money be distributed to the working people of Paulding instead of elected officials. Just my opinion.
  12. Wow, whether you care for her or not it's terrible what happened. Poor thing!
  13. I met Lauren today. She is great. Can't wait for my photo shoot on Sunday morning at Kennesaw Mountain!
  14. I love rain! It makes the grass grow. It's like seeing $$ fall from the sky!
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