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  1. Thanks everyone & I will update after our next trip to Emory. Thanks again for the prayers & good thoughts!
  2. Thanks Beach Bum! I hope your family is doing well. Thank you!
  3. I am in need of prayers, good vibes or whatever you may feel is in order. I have not been on here in quite a while. My husband has recently been diagnosed with heptocellular carcinoma (liver cancer) and we have been making many, many trips to Emory Univ. Hosp. They were evaluating him for a liver transplant. After many days of testing they have said that he is a good candidate for the transplant program. They also stated that this was his only hope for survival. He is not a candidate for the traditional chemotherapy since his liver cannot filter it would totally shut his liver down. They
  4. I live between Nebo & Hiram Sudie and just heard a helicopter go over, possibly life flight but too dark to see. Wasn't loud enough for the military copters.
  5. LR, she has been on the Voice (last year) but didn't make it to the live rounds. They had her sing a song that was a rock song. Blake later said that he wished he had turned his chair for her after hearing her in Nashville. She has been on the Ellen show a couple of times too. She is at Rome FanFest or Riverfest. Can't remember the name of it. I got my advance copy of her CD today from her.
  6. She has also been singing the National Anthem for alot of pro games. Now she can sing the Anthem like it should be sung, no extra embellishments or changes to the original sound. If anybody wants to follow her on Facebook her page is Official Angie Johnson and you can learn more about her. She performed at the fanfare in Nashville and also sang at some of the after parties for the Country Music Awards last month.
  7. This is my cousin, Angie Johnson! She has been signed by Sony Records and her CD is coming out on May 21st. She has a great voice and has also been signed by Sony as a songwriter. She writes most of her own songs. Glad to see others agree with me about her voice.
  8. My son-in-laws parents live in Milton and they LOVE it. In fact he & my daughter and their 3 sons are headed down there in the morning for spring break. They are both taking their campers over to Ft. Pickens and camping at the beach! Enjoy your new home & life.
  9. I too have the facet syndrome plus other spinal issues. I was also given narcotics, muscle relaxers & gabepenton. I can tell you that the gabepenton was causing major problems such as falling, losing my balance and bouncing into walls etc. It was affecting my brain so much that I had to completely go off of it. I have had RFA on 2 areas of my back and that has helped for anywhere from 6 mos - 18 mos. each time. I hope that yours will subside and be able to be controlled by meds as mine is now. Best wishes for you!
  10. My daughter also had her membranes stripped by a midwife the 1st time. The next week at the appt. she saw the OB and he said that they had been "gently stripped" and he stripped them again. She was in labor within 12 hrs and delivered a 9+ lb boy in 4 hours from start to finish.
  11. TC I HAVE been in your shoes and like you I would not wish it on anyone! Mine was missing for over a month and I, like you, was completely beside myself. I finally had a thought and realized that his vehicle was in my name so I reported it as "stolen/unauthorized use" since law enforcement wouldn't look for him. Once that was put into the NCIC about 2 weeks later I received a call that the vehicle had been stopped in Anniston AL and my son was the driver. Him being missing was drug related & by his choosing unlike your situation. I never thought I would say I was happy to find out my
  12. Ingles has some that are from Spain. With your Ingles card they are $5.98/box/bag
  13. We also have Allstate and had the same question about the replacement cost valuation. We were told that we could go with "actual cash value" and if the house was destroyed they would just hand us a check for that amount and we could choose to rebuild or find another house. The premiums were much less than the replacement cost. You might want to ask your Allstate agent about getting the actual cash value policy. The only thing is that if you have a partial loss then it will be depreciated by the # of years that you have had that particular item that was lost.
  14. I got some at Target and also saw some at Ingles.
  15. How long does it run between charges? Does it take long to recharge? I want one too!!!
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