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  1. Everyone needs to come out and support these Great Football Players. I was at the North Paulding game. Awesome!
  2. They are probably grub worms and will cause brown spots to pop up in your yard if you have sod. I have a lawn service, so I guess they keep a watch on that stuff. If I'm not mistaken, if you don't take care of getting rid of them, they'll kill your grass.
  3. Skyzone in Kennesaw. I had my daughter's party there and it was very reasonably priced. We did the package that included 10 kids, pizza and drinks, and extra pizza for the adults and it was less than $200. The kids had a blast and I noticed lots of teens and young adults there. We did it in the evening during the week, so it was a little cheaper. Fun!
  4. About a week ago, as I was coming up 41 in Acworth, a lady pushing a stroller while 4 other small children were walking with her, stepped out into the road. I think she was going around a mound of mud in her way. I literally about hit them. I pulled into the next shopping center parking lot, not because of her, but because I needed something there. Anyway, she started calling for me and trying to get the stroller up over the curb. I thought she was approaching me to tell me how sorry she was. No! She sent her daughter up to me(maybe 5 years old) and asked if I could help her pay her ren
  5. Make sure you notify the store. I was the one that recently posted on "Creep in Hiram". I notified the store as well as the police and the store was appreciative.
  6. My teenage daughter was in Hiram about an hour ago and was waiting in the car while her dad went into the Five Below store. A young 20 something brown greasy shoulder length hair guy pulled up to her side of the car and waved to get her attention. When she looked over he was revealing himself to her(and I'm putting that nicely). She called her dad inside the store. he came running out and tried to chase the small red S10 truck, but lost him. He found a Hiram police officer close by and stopped and told him. The officer was very nice and said he would call it in and patrol the area. Just
  7. rsjett

    Bar fight

    Why is there bickering on here over bars, ignorant comments, etc.? Who really cares? The point is that there is a young man in critical condition due to some nut heads actions. Period! Why is there bickering on here over bars, ignorant comments, etc.? Who really cares? The point is that there is a young man in critical condition due to some nut heads actions. Period!
  8. rsjett

    Bar fight

    I'm still trying to figure out which two look goofy, they all look goofy to me!
  9. Actually what you don't know CAN hurt whether physically or emotionally. Just like, if you don't go to the doctor for years and years and then find out you have diabetes or something. I've been on the side of not knowing for a while. At first I wanted to know details and at first I got caught up in that madness, but through God and great counseling I let that go. I can't imagine staying in a marriage that was not honest to the core. To me your spouse should be the one that always has your back, loves you unconditionally, and provides you great strength and support on all levels. I hope to
  10. Are you serious? Wow what a great speech for skirting around the fact that the teacher was just plain stupid and deserved to be fired. Maybe you can be the lawyer for the teacher and help think up some more dumb ideas as to why they should get their job back. Some things in life are just plain black and white. This is one of them!
  11. Even after the fact Kroger would still want to know and it seems like she was stealing if the bottle of wine was under her coat. I have no trouble just telling people NO when they ask for money. I was in Tampa, Florida last year driving through and about to run out of gas and in a bad part of town. I got out at the pump (now mind you my family was in the car waiting on me with the windows rolled down cause of the heat). A man walked up to me and asked if I had some money. I told him that I didn't have any. He continued to ask and was carrying on how he knew I had some. I continued to say
  12. I always can remember my dreams and they are always in color. In fact, I've never heard of black and white dreams. I know lots of people that can't remember dreams at all. I can remember details in my dreams. I've always thought that an interpretation of any dream/nightmare was related to what's going on at that time in one's life, past memories, or something that you are worried about and it's on your mind. If you grew up in another country or in a different century, your dreams would not be the same. Would they? Like, you wouldn't know to dream about Dr. Phil or tall buildings. Maybe
  13. By chance, could the child have been allowed to bite another piece of the poptart off and make it into something educational like maybe one of the 50 states or something science related that they were learning in class. This kind of crap irritates me to the core. Really? Tell the kid, hey Bobby sit down and eat your snack.
  14. Has anyone ever booked a last minute cruise to get and awesome deal? How do you do it? I can travel with as little as a weeks notice. I've looked at various sites, but the prices don't seem to be that great. Is it best to go through the actual cruise liner? I thought I would just ask on here to see if anyone has had any experience with this. Thanks!
  15. Oh Please. Kids can have fun just about anywhere. It's parent's and grandparents that are sooooooo picky. Where were you when the main PTA staff was volunteering their own time to plan a fun event for your kid? Let me guess, on the computer, butt on the couch, Hummmm! Abney and I'm sure every school PTA tries their best and sometimes it just doesn't work out. That's called trying something new and learning from it. As a parent that has been a room mom, and by the way I planned and funded most everything by myself, I just loved it when those complaining were the ones that I had never hea
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