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  1. Trying to reason with him is pointless...I would save myself the energy...just sayin
  2. when it's curly, its big! Thats just what I'm used to, I guess
  3. Thanks! I think if it were done with a round brush it would be better. Just too flat for me! I'm used to big hair lol
  4. School and work And NC-17...I'm not loving the straight hair!
  5. lmao I know, right?
  6. Hope everyone is doing well!!!
  7. I have EXTENSIVE experience in the nursing home industry. I worked closely with Medicaid in regards to nursing home pts, and I can tell you that it can take years. And they also only take a portion of the home's value (meaning they put a lien on it, they don't take the whole thing). And depending on the value of the home, it may be exempt from the recovery act anyway. You can PM me if you need somemore info and I can give you my number in case you have questions
  8. I didn't even bother going in there. How much debate could be going on???
  9. I knew that you didn't have to be embalmed if you were buried within a certain length of time...which is good, cause I don't wanna be.
  10. I'm scared to death of dead bodies. I had a very horrible experience as a child, and it certainly left a lasting impression. I, like Mark, went snooping and found pictures of my brother in his casket...creepy. My mom said she didn't want them, but my dad did. I guess we all deal with grief and loss differently, and what is normal to some is abnormal to others. I don't even want a viewing when I die. I want to be in fuzzy pink pajamas with a ponytail in a closed casket. I don't like folks taking pictures of me now, much less when I'm laying there dead.
  11. Sometimes people are just mean. It sucks. Then again, sometimes, there may be a back story that not everyone on Pcom is made privvy to. There are some ppl that want to play the victim, when in reality they are very far from it. eh, thats just my view of it anyway.
  12. I cut a teeny strip of a bandaid and put on mine. MY boss doesnt care, hers does though lol
  13. my nose hurt. But it wasn't terrible. I love it. Get lots of compliments on it, and snot is not an issue lol I have a teeny tiny cute nose, so it just sort of fits. Plus it kinda suits my personality. Tow thought he would hate it and he has decided he really likes it too.
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