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  1. Probably has something to do with his duty to step in and protect the citizens that called for his help. If he had waited for backup and the guy had attacked someone before he could do anything, it would be dereliction of duty. Either way the officer is to blame. Seems to be the theme these days. It's getting more and more difficult to find people willing to do the job, especially for the pay.
  2. South Paulding area. They've been at our house all day. We've been scared to just let them go to possibly get hit by a car. Apparently these have been loose before in our neighborhood. Not posting a description as they appear to be pure breeds that are not cheap. Let me know if your dogs are missing and give me a description. Would love to get them back home.
  3. Awesome. Please bring your northern behind over to Abbington subdivision and drive all of our cars up the sheet of ice on the big hill in the entrance. They are getting banged up while they are lined up in the front of the s/d. It would be very neighborly of you.
  4. HiPlains...props for your standards and expectations. Wish we had more like you. I am happy to see that our BOE realizes that a lot of parents might have your attitude without the intelligence that is required behind it. I think if you really thought about it....think about the people you have to deal with or that you read about and shake your head, amazed at the stupidity or carelessness when it comes to their children. Love your attitude, I do! But it's not worth one child's life or limbs to hold up our tough southern image.
  5. Yes, buildings in NY are built to different codes than buildings in Ga. Different insulation ratings, HVAC, etc. Also, your ignorant people in NY have been ignorant in harsh cold weather and have adapted mentally. Our ignorant people haven't had enough exposure to these elements to adapt and don't place a priority on the layering thing for the kids. There are kids here who are lucky to get a coat out of their parents. The buses are only maintained to a certain standard and break down more often than you think. In addition, unless kids are deadly ill, they are expected to be present. We'
  6. My first reaction was shock but I wasn't thinking from the perspective of a blind person. Like workingforaliving said, how vulnerable would you feel if you were blind? I was thinking like the rest of us: aim and shoot at a target. But in a blind person's train of thought they are probably more concerned about a close encounter, hands on situation.
  7. Such a cute pup! He was left tied to a cable? Maybe he was ready for a different family!
  8. Yes, she has an appointment on Friday. BUT, I will be in class and will not be able to take her. It is beyond stupid that someone cannot reschedule without putting it off for a month. Our family is really struggling to maintain job hours and get everyone where they need to be. This would really help out since she is very comfortable with driving. This sucks!
  9. DD claims that they are a month out for appointments for her driver's license test. As far as I know, she has only contacted the one in Carrollton. Does anyone know about Cobb? Do they still offer the test? I've heard Rockmart as well. She made her appt. and now I am required to be in a class for work that day. We will have to reschedule but she's, of course, devastated and convinced it will now be another month to get her in. Any ideas on what to expect? Where did you go with your teen? Thanks!
  10. ** FREE – FREE – FREE ** Saturday, August 24, 2013, Noon – 4 PM Swing, Country, Ballroom, Latin & Line Dance Lessons Location: VPLEX 1605 Hwy 61, Villa Rica, GA 30180 Contact Debra (770-456-6244) debb@cleckler.com (Adults, Families, - Everyone welcome)
  11. Wow. Great idea, you've got the teen trapped in front of a computer. Why not use the time to actually teach? I don't get it at all. Thank you for letting me know, though.
  12. DD is doing the course online and is forced to sit in front of the pc for hours at a time when she is done with the material. Is there a better course offered? Figured my p.com folks might have some insight. I'd rather have her testing with scenarios or something for 30 hours, something truly useful, than just sitting, waiting for the program to log 3 hours of her sitting here waiting to test on a section. Any better way (other than a freaking $300+ course)?
  13. In my experience (we've lost three over the years) every single time, a line was run via a vein in the leg to sedate the dog. Once goodbyes were said, the final injection was administered through the line that was already in place.
  14. I hope the owner is not on p.com because I would like to know the truth about the "process". I have been told by a reliable source that these babies are not even sedated before being killed. I'm sure that saves a lot of time and money but can someone enlighten me on whether or not this is a horrific death for these little "souls"? Based on what I am hearing, it is NOT a peaceful process. If that is the case, what was the point in moving away from the gas chambers? What is the point in paying a vet to handle this? Anyone supporting the No-Kill movement here in Paulding? I hope they a
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