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    if they are gossiping to you .. they are gossiping bout you ...
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  1. thanks yall . yes from what my niece has told me of her she did have a big heart .. n will be missed .. i didnt know h er personally .. but if she meant that much to my niece i will be there to support her as she says her good byes to this special lady ..
  2. did she drive for east paulding high ? .. i ask becuz my niece is wanting to know .. tia for any info ..
  3. when we go to dads for a few .. i always offer to wash dishes ... n when we leave . we take the sheets off bed n put them in the laundry room ... n leave a parting gift or card ... they treat us very well when we are there .. sometimes they dont accept the help .. but i think its good to offer ... just so they know they are appreciated ...
  4. 1970 pontiac lemans ... 2 door hard top .. with a big block four hundred under the hood metallic blue ... with mag wheels ...
  5. depends on my mood .. probably after this year ...
  6. katie has to work .. day of .. n day after ... but i doubt very much i would be shopping either day .. i hate that chore ... i dont think ppl should have to work holidays .. the only day her store is closed 1 day a year like so many retails its open the rest of year ... which i think is a sham e... but the almighty dollar speaks to greed ...
  7. they will answer ... i know there is a couple that hve lost quite a bit of weight this year ... Lady Raider ... n Raiders rock ? .. anyways .. dont get discouraged ... i will say this ... you have got to exercise regularly ... if you arent motivated .. getting a personal trainer might be a good way to go ... good luck to you both !
  8. i love it too .. but someone out there will be up in arms bout it ..
  9. LR .. yall are in my thoughts .. if you need anything let us know ...
  10. happy bday lady .. hope its a great one .. enjoy yourself !
  11. i use hale auto .. over in hiram ... very honest reliable ppl .. n they have great magazines in the waiting area .. lol ... but really .. they treat u right they have never did work on my car i didnt need ... n that says a lot ...
  12. kelwil

    Johnny J

    JJ was always so kind to me ... he had a infectious smile ... he will def be missed ... but i am glad he doesnt have to suffer anymore now ... \ RIP
  13. they were all my faves growing up ... so cant choose ... and i dont think dad got cable till after i moved out ... we had the big antenna on top of the house ... remember the click click sounds it made when you turned it to find a dif station ? ... how bout the first time mtv came on and it actually\ had a music video ? ... now its all reality tv crap !
  14. i had chicken n noodles ... they will probably have sketti ... i dont know how theirs taste i dont eat it .. but mine was deliicious ... lol
  15. thank you Jeanne .. i appreciate that info ...
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