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  1. Does anyone know of any homeschool groups in Paulding? I decided to homeschool my 5 year old this fall, but still want her to be able to have other kids to interact with. Thanks for the help!
  2. Does anyone know how 61 north is?
  3. Does anyone know how 61N and Buchanan hwy look? My hubby is still stuck in Cartersville.
  4. Has anyone gotten theirs in the mail yet? I never got mine.
  5. I am 100% for the death penalty. If it happened more often, and in a more timely manner, perhaps it would prevent crime. It is sad to me that many are more worried about the rights of the guilty than the rights of the innocent victims.
  6. I did a little bit of research on this facility when I was writing a paper for a juvenile justice class. The article said that they interviewed juvenile males and females. However, I specifically remember that this was a facility that housed males only. Females are transported to a facility in Rome. Am I incorrect, or have things changed since I wrote my paper? Just curious.
  7. I had baby girl #2 three weeks ago. I decided to make a brag book for my mom, and added pictures that I have taken of both girls!
  8. I was really hoping that somebody would kill Emma! I can't STAND that girl! UGH!
  9. When was your last ultrasound? It seems like they would want to take a look at her position that way. They could find out that you aren't as far along as originally thought. I'm actually going in for one tomorrow.
  10. I was induced with my first as well. I was 40 weeks along, but my BP had gone up. I had to have pitocin and magnesium, which made me so sick. I didn't have to have a c-section, luckily. I am actually 35 weeks along right now, and I'm anxious to see how this one goes.
  11. I don't think that Claire is involved. The computer guy that got shot last week could be though. Remember that he knows all of the ins and outs of the case. It would have been easy for him to have interviewed Carroll and gotten mixed up in it. I'm not sure about Parker. Something about her just isn't right.
  12. I have the education credit and filed on the 28th of January. I was happy to see that it was deposited into my account today!
  13. Ya know, I'm 20 weeks pregnant and all about being comfortable. I have to say there is NO WAY I would ever wear leggings. I don't want to be mistaken for livestock.
  14. As far as politics go, I can find faults with both sides. Right now, it seems like we have to choose the lesser of all evils. And again that is based on our own personal beliefs. I can say that I am able to agree to disagree. What I do believe is that when you have a country that is insistent on removing God from everything, there will be consequences to face. That worries me, especially for my children. All I can do is try to raise my girls right, and teach them the things that will make them better adults. I think that we have to start looking at things from the perspective of "what
  15. Eddie, I happen to think that the way we behave is a choice, at least for most people. We choose whether or not we want to behave ethically. What is important is knowing why we believe what we believe. Does that make sense? You need to know the basis for your beliefs and be willing to examine them. You have to have the open mind to know that you are not always right, and be willing to listen for the basis of other people's beliefs. The world isn't always so black and white. I have to remind myself of this often. I just finished an ethics class that you probably would have enjo
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