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  1. If she is going for chemo at the Paulding office of Northwest Ga Oncology, there are wigs and scarfs to choose from for free. Also have resource books. Loving Arms is great as well.
  2. Dallas First United Methodist Church holds a christian based group on Mon. Wed and Fri night at 0630. Anyone is welcomed. Yes it is free too.
  3. wanie

    New hospital

    I am not posting for or against the old or new hospital, but I told the executives over WellStar basically the same thing. You can build a new hospital but if you do not have a knowledgable staff to care for the ER patients then it does not help the reputation. I had a family member that experienced a life threatening traumatic injury and if I had not been there to "tell the nurse how to take care of him" he might have died. I won't go into details about the experience, but it has gone downhill from what it was a few years ago. Now to defend them, people do "abuse" or use the ER for non-emergent conditions. This causes a back log for those who are there for "real" urgent or emergent conditions. I have seen this type abuse grow and grow over the years and if Obama thinks his health care is suppose to reduce this type of visits to the ER, well he has another thing coming. One of the problems is people aren't enrolling into medical schools like in the past because of this very reason. Where oh where is our world heading. So on a political note, we need to get back to the basics and stop wanting miracles!
  4. Try "Loving Arms Cancer Outreach Program". They are located next to Kennestone but they have a lot of wigs and scarfs, etc and are free.
  5. I guess they are the same folks that would tell us that Paulding County can't have money for certain things since we did not have a birth rate. Any baby born that live in Paulding County was counted in Cobb, Douglas or Carrolltons population growth stats, so we did not get subsidies. Finally, some one got smart and they counted them regarding which county they reside, not the county they were born in. We have alot of realllllllly smart government officials, then and now. NOT
  6. They will not be delivering babies yet. Many years ago, when Paulding stopped delivering babies, they lost their certificate of need. When they tried to get it back they were denied because there were too many other hospitals that deliver babies close enough that the need was denied. Hopefully in the near future, since the county has grown, they will be able to get it back.
  7. Sorry, chose the wrong post to respond to, I was going for the one talking about the accident this past Saturday at McClung and Hiram Sudie. Sorry about that
  8. No one died in this accident. The two on the ground were pulled from the car by a by-stander(FYI, don't ever do this unless the car is on FIRE, could cause worse injuries). I know the condition of one of the girls and she is critical but awake and talking, will be a long recover from her liver, kidney injuries, broken arm and bruised intestines along with rib fractures. Pray for them all. Don't know what happened to the two men in the other car that crossed over and hit these girls.
  9. 1. This is suppose to be a secure store all, how did they get in? Must have been someone who has stuff stored there huh? 2. I live on the road that is next to this storage area, this scares me. 3. Hope they catch them soon!
  10. Thank you Sam for all the years you dedicated your life to serving Paulding County. You have helped others when they had no funds to pay, you transported staff to the hospital during inclement weather, you came to the ER to help when we called, the list goes on. You will never be forgotten for all you sacrificed for this county. Welcome Metro, you have BIG shoes to fill. But, you will get there.
  11. Great video. But we still have to import goods from other countries in order to make some of the items the consumer demands. So we need to continue to trade with other countries. Out sourcing of jobs is not a good thing, but eventually the low salaries the Chinese worker make, will eventually rise and big companies will not want to outsource anymore. There are alot of factors involved. I do try to buy American when I can find something made in America, but that is not easy to do.
  12. I used to be a big advocate of buy American, BUT, I took an economics class recently and learned that is not such a good idea. Example: Let's say China buys lumber from the U.S. We boycott buying anything from China. No money goes to China then, China can not buy lumber from the U.S. In the long run it hurts the U.S. That applies to all countries that buy from us. If we were to stop buying foreign made cars, then they do not have the money to buy goods from us. It hurts our economy when we buy only made in America. I was also surprised to find out that Canada is our #1 import and export country.
  13. My parents live in Hiram and are having the same problem. Except when I call them all I get is static. They can not receive calls but can make calls but at times they can't even make calls. Tech has been out once and will be back Monday.
  14. That land was sold many,many years ago with the intent of putting in an airport. At first it was going to be the Atlanta airpot "extention" but Paulding put one in since no progress was being made. So anyone building in that area could have gone to the courthouse, viewed the open records and then decide if they wanted to live there. It is our own responsibility to research areas we are intending to live.
  15. 1. Have you considered all the donations from citizens, businessess and fundraisers? 2. You can only provide jobs at the airport if you make it "attractive" to potential users, i.e. Propeller. It was one of the deciding factors when "Hollywood" decided to come here, no complaints heard about that. 3.If you are for jobs and manufacturing, why are you against the airport, it will bring in jobs and manufacturing.
  16. OK, 1. people moved out here from the "busy" Cobb and Fulton County areas to get away from all the growth. 2. When they get here they complain that we have no places to eat, buy their goods etc etc etc. 3. Paulding County has to keep up with these demands (complaints) so they build it. 4. We become more congested and start looking like Cobb and Fulton counties. 5. The second airport has been in the works for at least 20 years. Building an airport on our own has been a much needed assest for industry here, since you all moved here and demanded all the bells an whistles your other county had. We have to have some kind of industries to support your "wants and needs". 6. If you don't like how we run our county, please by all means leave us! We were doing just fine before you all came here. I know, I know, I am going to get slammed for this post, but the truth is the truth. Thanks for letting me vent.
  17. I say GO FOR IT!!!! If someone comes on my property and I don't know them and they look suspicious, I will shoot(in the ground), see if they run away or keep coming. If they keep coming then I will shoot and ask questions later
  18. At our current rate, please take us back over! please, clean up this mess
  19. I think Obama should meet with his own people, meaning us, before he meets with anybody else in the world!!
  20. Give her time. When the weather starts turning cold, they slow down. It took mine about 8 months to start producing.
  21. What are these people going to do when the money runs out? People having to work part-time so employer doesn't have to provide healthcare insuurance, people like me who are tired of working just to have the government take half my earnings to support these people (crooked ones only). My ex husband worked for 3 years to get on disability, he had "back" problems, went and had "questionalbe" surgeries, would not follow post-op instructions etc etc etc. I fnally divorced him because we had no life due to his constant goals of trying to be disabled. He remarried shortly after (he didn't have a pot to piss in after I divorced him) and now he finally got his disability, poor lady who is stuck with him. Rant over
  22. I am just sitting back and waiting for when there are no more food/water supplies. When that happens, all these "entitled/me generation" folks will be in a great deal of hurt. Please do not come knocking at my door when I have canning all my vegetables and freez dried my meats so that I can survive. You folks need to be learning the back to the basics stuff, it will soon become survival of the fittest (and smartest). Good luck
  23. There is a great place called Southeastern Salvage in Chattanooga, (you can google the website) they have EVERYTHING there from doors to sinks, to flooring and more. I love going there and the prices are great.
  24. I was on duty in the ER at Paulding the night it happened. At first I was told he was at work and they found him to tell him about his families death(at first thought it was a tragic fire). Thanks to our great coroner at the time (may he RIP), he found the GSW's and the rest is history. I did hear it was over the bad checks issue. He killed his parents, one sibling went into the bathroom with a phone, he talked him/her out saying he wouldn't shoot, but then did. He went to the little brothers room, sat and talked with him then shot him. Tried to start the fire by lighting is dead mothers hair on fire but when would not work he left and bought some gasoline and then finished his horrible act of violence. He told the interviewers that he hoped wherever they send him that he could get an education (I forget what for) so he could work when he got out. SICK
  25. Sue fought a very courageous, dignified battle. I was honored to care for her during her and her families journey. Through the hope and then the relapse and then hope and then the bad news, she always kept a positive, uplifting attitude. She truly knew and love God and she is rejoicing with Him now. You will forever be in my thoughts.
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