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  1. Yikes!! We have a camping trip scheduled for this park in August. Never been there so I hate hearing this!!!
  2. Someone told me it was going to be where Kauffman Tire was before they moved.
  3. dj54

    RIP Elisabeth

    I'm sorry. Praying for you and your family.
  4. Super sweet lady! Both of my kids were at her daycare center and received wonderful care. RIP, JoAnn.
  5. I would think if the stay at the Assisted Living place is temporary then you would still say you reside in Paulding. It would be no different than being in a hospital or nursing facility for treatment of an illness. That's just my opinion, though.
  6. Yes, I called them. I wish we could get them. I don't see any negative reviews on them.
  7. We've been paying $45.00 per quarter. Clean Communities doesn't come to our neighborhood.
  8. Does anyone use John Hurst Garbage Service? We've used him for 40+ years and now their phone number has been disconnected and we've had no trash pick up for 2 weeks. Just wondering if they've gone out of business without telling their customers. Any recommendations on a new trash pick up company?
  9. My heart hurts for this family. I just can't imagine.....
  10. We always had real trees while the kids were growing up. It was a fun time to take them to the tree farm to pick one out and cut it down. Now that it's just me and hubby we've gone to the dark side and bought a fake one. It's just easier on us. I do love the smell of a real tree, though, and I miss that.
  11. If you do Facebook you should post this there, too, so folks can share it. This just make me furious!!!!
  12. We froze ours. Hubby's was free because he's over 65. Equifax is waiving the $3.00 charge for folks under 65. Experian and TransUnion both were $3.00 for me and free for my husband. Cost us a total of $6.00 for the peace of mind. Well worth it, IMO.
  13. I just noticed on Sunday that the RaceTrac on Richard Sailors Pkwy in Powder Springs is now a Shell station. My son said they changed it over sometime in the last 2 weeks or so.
  14. What I heard was they were doing this because of safety concerns. They feel like the eclipse could be a distraction for drivers and the possibility of a wreck will be increased. They don't want the buses on the road during the eclipse.
  15. Weber charcoal kettle grill. We're on our second one. Those things last forever! Our first one lasted about 15 years.
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