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  1. I think it's to big to be a raccoon. I saw this on TMZ tonight.
  2. I'm wondering if that is the one that happened on April 1st on Due West Road.
  3. Mine were HEY, Fixin' to, and Yonder... Oh and rernt, shoot I don't even know how to spell it. AND reckon. Like they have their own language down here, and you have to learn it, because you have to be able to talk to everyone at their level. AND NO THAT ISN'T A SLAM! So, don't get your panties, fruit of the loom in a wad. The first time someone said HEY to me, I just looked at them and kept walking. When I told my father about it, he told me that is how they say Hello down here.
  4. On 4-1 there was a burglary on Due West Road NW. I don't know how far down, or what subdivision.
  5. I don't know, I didn't start up this laptop and to be honest I don't know much about that stuff. I just turn it on and use it. When I first start off I click on the "e" and it brings up Yahoo page, and then I take it from there.
  6. The whole left side doesn't work for me. By Content Type...Even when I click on other things on the side, they don't work.
  7. Well, I basically gave up. I'm tired of having to hit forums, find the forum I want, just to see what is going on. Then hit the back button, so I can stay in the forum. Like the Café. If I want to go to another forum, I have to hit forum, then find the forum click on it, to see what is going on in there. To much work, and not a smooth maneuvering process within p.com.
  8. Yesterday there was a red truck with a Mexican man and a African American man casing the middle of our subdivision. Especially one particular house. My neighbor watched them for the longest time. When they went by to leave the subdivision she did get the license plate number. She said that they stopped and watched the house, then backed up, rolled forward, backed up, rolled forward, sat there for about 10 minutes. Then they went into the neighbors driveway, sat there for about 2 minutes, backed up, and left the subdivision.
  9. Why don't you fix the Recent Topic button. All four don't work for me, and I'm really getting tired of clicking each single forum.
  10. Just to give a heads up, the sheriff department was in our subdivision around 11 tonight. Someone was in a neighbors backyard with flash lights, flashing her house. When the officers got here, they were gone and the officers didn't see anyone when they walked around. Be safe everyone!!! Make sure all doors and windows are locked. Not to mention your garage doors and side door. They mean business.
  11. My neighbor that was hit had a computer in the back on the floor that they completely missed. They went through all 3 vehicles of hers. They went through the console and glove compartment took all her papers out and had them on the seats. They sure went through the front of each vehicle thoroughly. This will be her 3rd time hit, in 3 years. 2 years ago hit twice in one week, and then Wednesday night. It seems they are watching her, because each time she was hit, she has been out of town. Where is Cumberland Falls?
  12. Our subdivision Brentwood off of Old Cartersville Rd was hit last night as well.
  13. Once again, if you read my post in the other forum, I wrote that New Hope has been going down hill for awhile. So, since you had to make that asinine comment, I knew right off the bat what you are saying. Again, South Paulding isn't as quiet as it once was either. New Hope is going down hill each and every day. We use to be a very quiet, tucked away, part of Paulding, not so much now.
  14. Apparently we had someone come into our hood and broke into vehicles last night, early morning. Just wanted to give my area the heads up. Our hood is off Old Cartersville Road. Be very alert, lock those vehicles, and put what you can away, so nothing will be stolen from your yard. Our vehicles are put into the garage and we still lock them.
  15. I hear what you are saying. The recent button isn't working for me, and Pubby said you have to click it hard with the mouse. I don't have a mouse, I'm on a laptop without a mouse. He said that he had trouble with it as well. I don't come here as much any more, because of things not working the way I'm use too.
  16. My Recent Topics button won't work, I couldn't get on here yesterday either.
  17. I know, I was looking at Fuzz Butt's feet and thought, dang they are already huge. Then I looked over to the parents, and I said (to whomever was listening at the time) his feet is almost as big as theirs. Oh, camera down this morning....8AM.
  18. stradial, is Glassdogs the wind beneath your wings?
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