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  1. I heard it too. Sounded like freedom, eh?
  2. ...until you need 'em to buy into the half-baked, clouded, silly, and otherwise lying bullcheeze via a shiny mailer and underhanded web videos paid for by a 527, right?
  3. As opposed to what? A lying bastard such as yourself?
  4. The only thing that really bugged me is his statement "I'm a state representative in the Georgia General Assembly...that's the House of Representatives..." Georgia General Assembly is the title given to both the state senate and house of representatives. That's all I have...lol
  5. Personally, I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees. I'll stick to principle.
  6. After reading pubby's responses, and thinking about this for the last 24hrs or so, here is my verdict: Pubby organizes a 527 this year, said 527 reports a sizable contribution from yet another corporation that was organized this year. Said 527 employs the efforts of a consulting group that just happens to be the group employed by the 'anti' folks several years ago. Pubby plays dumb when asked about the collateral used by consulting group; as well as playing mystery man when asked about the source of contributions. Basically, this is pubby thumbing his nose at all of us in a 'na'ne
  7. Pubby, So basically, you are positioning yourself for plausible deniability? If my name was tied to a 527, I would damn well know what was being disseminated and otherwise implicitly endorsed by said 527. Let me be clear, I personally am not concerned about who your 527 supports or doesn't. It was this one particular Fox 5 piece, that is clearly edited, that befuddled me. Personally, I've always thought more highly of you. Perhaps the joke is on me, eh?
  8. Yeah, I pretty much knew this part. Thanks, however. Now, if pubby can just verify the Facebook page and domain.
  9. Pubby, Your 527 is named "Truth In Paulding," correct? The video I am referencing was posted by a Facebook page bearing the same name. Further, the facebook page links directly to www.truthinpaulding.com. 1. Is that domain the property of your 527? 2. Is the Facebook page an extension of your 527? That's all I am asking.
  10. Fake as in it is a highly edited Fox 5 piece. It is coming from a Facebook page titled "Truth In Paulding."
  11. Are you responsible for the fake Fox 5 video I have seen floating around on Facebook?
  12. ...and a good candidate for a punch in the mouth. You should have slapped her across the face with the hamburger.
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