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    That is when you delete that person from your life. Negative people suck! Middle School to boot, gee's, unbelievable, catty little bitches. Schools and parents, nothing but drama, they have no life, and it makes them feel special for a moment because of the attention they are receiving and they don't care who they hurt in the process. When my kids were in school (I say this because my daughter is a senior this year and graduating in May, so basically she is out) I was just cordial to parents that were active in the schools. I could careless in making friends with them, especially
  2. Bea/Fuzzbutt aka B3 is sleeping nicely. Mom is on the branch, which makes me happy that she is there. I know Bea is growing, but it's hard for me to watch her be in the nest by herself hours on end. Even thou, I'm sure that one of her parents are close by. It seems to me, that the father is doing more for Bea now. Just my opinion. Maybe the mother is trying to have a break, and also doing the hunting. Spread those wings and fly mom! lol Bea is really getting prepared to fly. Today she flapped a lot and moved very close to the edge. Still makes me nervous. At one point, bot
  3. 11:15PM and B3 is still in the nest by herself. I wish one of her parents would come back and sit with or near her.
  4. Did anyone just see FuzzButt spreading her wings and then flapping and jumping up and down in the nest? Wow, what a great thing to witness just now...
  5. I am so glad they are both back and safe. This was heart wrenching.
  6. I don't know what your abbreviation stands for.
  7. I knew something was up yesterday for B3 being alone a lot yesterday. This is to upsetting. I don't know what kind of predators an Eagle would have other than man...
  8. Every time I checked on B3, she has been alone. Seems like all day, and when I checked on her at 9PM, she was alone still.
  9. When I posted they have been gone a long time. And Berry College Facebook said it was a girl.
  10. She is to young to take flight yet, but I agree with you. She has to learn how to use her legs and feet first, as to holding down her food to pull pieces off it. I wish one of the parents would come back, they have been gone a very long time. Since the first time I posted on here this morning.
  11. I wish B3 would get away from the edge of the nest.
  12. B3 trying to feed herself from the left over fish. It's so cute.
  13. 8:34AM Two middle size fish in the nest. The father is feeding B3 and she grabs the food out of the Dads mouth before he can even lift his head up to give it to her. B3 is eating fast. I thinks it so cute B3 moving and redecorating the nest with the twigs. Last night, Mom stayed on the branch to the right for hours on end. Around 3 this morning, I finally saw her in the nest with B3. Restless night for both. They mostly cleaned themselves, B3 was looking around. After awhile they finally settled down. B3 wide awake and active...
  14. Berry College posted it on their Facebook page. They said that FuzzButt is as big as her father at 8 weeks old, and she still has growing to do. Female Eagles are bigger than the male Eagles. Which I'm sure you knew that. I was watching the cam and FuzzButt was walking around the nest, stretching a little. Then I saw her open her mouth, like a calling to her parents. She did it again, and bam, both parents were back at the nest in a short mount of time. They checked things out, then they jumped on separate branches, and gone again. FuzzButt didn't want to be alone any more. It
  15. I went yesterday and had a wonderful time. I took some pictures. I got one of the dad flying, Fuzzbutt stretching out her wings, and of course mom in the nest. I was awesome to finally see the nest. It's huge! I'm going back to the campus when I can spend a full day and enjoy all that Berry College has to offer. The last picture I posted of Mom on the tree limb up above, I met the man that took it. You were there yesterday (Friday 4-12-14)? I was too.
  16. The female squawking to the male after being chased by a red tailed hawk. They were hovering throughout the afternoon, getting chased by mocking birds, and then chased both the parents as they came back to the nest.
  17. Both criminals only need 10% for their bonds. $25,000 would be $2,500. $100,000 would be $10,000 That is why those scum buckets are running around free.
  18. I just took some pictures of the weird clouds around my house. Wonder what's up...
  19. I was over a neighbors house a few days ago and she had bumble bees.
  20. Sunday April 6th, we lost an icon. It is a very sad time. Mickey Rooney passed away at the age of 93 from Natural Causes, even thou he has been sick for awhile. He has been married 8 times and one of those times was to Ava Gardner. He was the first teenager to ever be nominated for an Oscar for "Strike Up the Band" in 1940.
  21. Thank you rockysmom. My father loves a good pot pie. Not those disgusting one's sold in the grocery store, BUT, Boston Markets pot pies aren't to bad at all. How much are they? Do they sell single serve, or is it to feed the whole family?
  22. My neighbor had a woodpecker pecking the heck out of their chimney on the side of the house. Made of wood. It done some major damage. It was termites and the bird was going after them. We don't have problems, matter of fact, the birds normally peck at the tree's in our backyard. I have seen (a couple of times) come to the birdfeeders I have out.
  23. Oh thank you! I'm just familiar with this route. I know nothing about Google Chrome.
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