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  1. I have heard many police sirens around New Hope this morning. Between 5-6. What's going on?
  2. I was there last week also. Never noticed any foul smell and my water at restaurants was fine.
  3. I read this as Home Depot wasn't told until now. As soon as Home Depot found out they reported it. Before a breach was even confirmed.
  4. I had to bring my 2 year old to the paulding ER at 4am today. They did great and were very quick and responsive. I'm thankful to have a good hospital 10 mins away.
  5. I say do all of it. Call her doctor, talk to the administrator, etc. However, if its just a beeping monitor, that isn't a high priority. So find out the medication scheduled. If it is 1 bag every 4 hours, then there was no medical need to go to her room. Just start pushing the buttons until it stops beeping.
  6. Although I do agree that Michelle Obama has a bad first lady agenda, much much much better things she could focus on, I don't know why people let their kids eat out of vending machines and pizza etc on a regular basis anyway. No the gov't shouldn't mandate what we can and can't have, however I don't think its that bad to give better options of food. Its not like they removed the choice to have a snack from a machine, just offer better options. Are we really complaining about the lack of poptarts, chips and pizza???
  7. Who said it's illegal? Just illegal to sell.
  8. Why do people who's children drown or get hit by a car not charged with felony murder? What's the difference? They didn't even arrest him until after they found "something" in his office. This quote is very disturbing. He was not charged like this due to an accident. Cooper may not have even died in the car that day. "I've been in law enforcement for 34 years. What I know about this case shocks my conscience as a police officer, a father and a grandfather," said Pierce.
  9. The policy don't seem to believe this was an accident based on evidence they have found. They said there is more we don't know and there is more to the story. If this was truly an accident with no evidence otherwise, he wouldn't be in jail with no bond. It may be much worse than we thought. If not and this is truly an accident, then this DA will be exiled from the community. He wouldn't put his head out there without proper evidence. I totally see how kids can be left and forgot and it's terrible. I don't 100% understand why he was heading home vs heading to the daycare in the opposite directi
  10. There would be some wreckage. The entire world looked for anything and found nothing.
  11. Why does the school calendar listing show that schools are dismissed 2 hours early on the last day of school, May 23rd? Well the listing calendar shows an early release but the actual calendar does not. Confused? Yes I am. Surprised by the confusion when it comes to school communication, nope. So is school out 2 hours early on the last day?
  12. What does the govt have to do with this story? I don't understand.
  13. Melody


    I don't really understand what you are saying. More populated and more crime can be much safer??? huh.
  14. Melody


    Murders, Home Break-ins, Car Break-ins, Guns being drawn on people while driving.....just another day in Dallas GA. Oh and how about we expand the airport, that won't bring in more crime, riiiiight. Remember when it used to be safe??? Now I get freaked out walking from my driveway into my home.
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