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  1. Hmmmm, being scared of folks who ride trains must be a recent fear?
  2. Progress and growth is inevitable. This thinking that we should just build a wall around Paulding so we can keep it country is only going to allow the other, more aggressive counties with smarter, more experienced leadership, to land the manufacturers and industries. We'll be left with our service sector of fast food and low end retail, and giant section 8 neighbors interconnected with trailer parks. The airport won't be what killed this county, the delusional thinking that you can go back to the way it was will be. I believe everyone had good intentions, but the unintended consequences are usually much worse than the benefit.
  3. Not disagreeing with your post PM, just thinking of other reasons why it may have an on / off switch. I imagine police, just like us, tend to get personal calls from time to time while on the job. If an officer is say, going through a divorce, would we want their bodycam videos to be subpoenas for "gotcha" moments when the spouse calls to pick a fight? Do we need bodycam footage of their meals? Do we need every word between partners recorded? I don't know the answers to these, but I imagine they are part of the reasons. I like Pubby's ideas.
  4. Unfortunately, this book has been written many, many, many times. It's called, "You Get the Government You Deserve". I'll never, ever vote for anyone that is running on an activist platform, even if it's one on which I agree. This debacle shows that, when any other issue comes up, they either don't have the intellect or the interest to handle anything outside their crusade.
  5. This is inspiring. This is the type of husband we should all aspire to be.
  6. The reason is money. Newer stadiums with large group areas, skyboxes and club seats being in more revenue. If Fenway or Wrigley were in other markets where they did not have the HUGE tv and radio partnership deals they have that bring in dump truck loads of revenue compared to other teams, those stadiums would have been replaced years ago. In other words, those teams don't need new stadiums for revenue, they get it in other places.
  7. I agree with you Whitey. If be ok with all of them folding and starting over. The only area where I somewhat disagree is who we could possibly attract to lead the airport authority for that wage, or any wage. There's a reason that free agents don't want to play for losing teams with terrible support.
  8. Captain, the funny thing is, I really could not care less about the airport. I'm neither "pro", nor "anti". I respected the anti folks up until they became 10x's worse than the folks they were trying to defeat. I feel like we've replaced one regime with another far worse. The county embarrassments have multiplied under them, then they celebrate the embarrassment (this letter) as some sort of win when they should be hanging their heads in shame. As for the school board, I have read your posts before and tend to agree. We use private schools.
  9. Whitey, you're one of my favorites on here, and I tried to mention several times that "they didn't start the fire". I just don't believe the ends justify the means. The chicken world 4, while probably being decent men, just simply don't give off any air of intelligence or competence. They read off the same copied and pasted talking points that I've read on here hundreds of times. They just seem like the pawns that ran for office on this single issue. The only one that seems to have any intellect is Pownall. His entire political existence is based on him whining and playing the victim because he was outsmarted and outplayed politically. He gets re-elected by openly admitting over and over and over again that he was a boy playing a man's game, and he got beat. You would think his constituents would want someone a little more competent representing them, but when only an activist group shows up to vote, then winning is easy. Everyone's hands are dirty. I know I mentioned that. We have the government we deserve. While I like it here, I don't love it enough to watch the stop group and their pawns complete the transition of our county from what could have been an upper middle class suburb, to a section 8 trailer park.
  10. I found it laughable and an absolute insult to the intelligence of every Paulding County citizen that the Stop group claimed victory and spiked the football over the letter that the FAA sent the BOC and PCAA. How they think that they were not referring to the homeschool dads (formerly known as the Chicken World 4) in that letter, as well as the other county leaders just shows their hypocrisy. That letter read like one that a parent gets from a day care stating that all your children are incorrigible and need to go somewhere else. It was an absolute embarrassment, yet they lauded it like some sort of battle victory. I had tons of respect and empathy for that group until they showed me that nothing else matters, as long as you're against the airport. Morals, intellect, experience, abiility to speak in public, keeping campaign promises (other than promises to sue the county you represent), none of that matters, as long as you're against the stupid airport. I really didn't care about the airport, still don't. I just know that, if that group is involved, I want to be as far away from their position as possible. While I concede that they didn't start the fire, their slash and burn war has scarred this county and made us an absolute laughing stock. We are now, and will continue to be, Atlanta's trailer park. Our hands (the county's residents) are dirty too. They say you get the government you deserve. Our apathy on local elections have emboldened this group to run whatever moron in their homeschool group who raises his / her hand and says, "I'll run", to do so knowing that they only need a couple thousand people to vote for them to get the job. We deserve it. Congratulations, you guys have gotten what you wanted, and the losers are each and every one of us.
  11. I understand what you're saying Captain and, again, I respect it. While whether or not we have an airport is not going to make or break us, I can tell you what many of us would like to have, but know we don't have it and will never have it from the CW4. I want to know that my local leaders practically have a 2nd desk at the Economic Development office, constantly asking the director who they are courting and how can they help. I want to hear that they are going on "pitch" meetings to visit businesses and industries that may be considering relocating here and selling our County, and selling the image that local leaders want them here, and that we are business friendly. I want to be tripping over these guys at Chamber of Commerce events and see them sitting with different people, different business owners and asking, "what keeps you up at night that I may be able to help with?". We don't have that. We have 4 men, a few of whom have very limited capability or capacity to handle this type of role, who were elected on one issue, and that one issue will keep them in office as long as they give their worshippers what they want. They have no interest in anything else, since anything else would distract from their single objective.
  12. Captain, I respect your conviction here. I'll challenge you with this, however. You are about the 3rd or 4th person that has written here or elsewhere some form of, "as long as they are opposed to be airport, everything else be damned". I've always respected the way you guys grew a grass roots effort into a political power here in Paulding, but this revelation by many of you confirms many of our suspicions, that this is exactly how many of you feel. For many of us, where the airport is not he most important thing on our political check list, you guys are completely alienating us whereas before, we felt y'all should have a seat at the table. I glanced through the recently released draft of the 10 year comprehensive plan last night. On more than one occasion, one of the conclusions was that the decisions made in the next five years will have good or terrible consequences for many years to come. Knowing that 80% of our leadership is only worried about one issue, and that their only qualification was that they all are part of the same homeschool group, concerns many of us that were on the fence, or, at least, respected yalls passion before.
  13. From what I can see, it looks like the only "qualification" necessary to run for office with the support of the CW4 is, "do you attend our homeschool group?". Everyone else is to be hated, slandered and mocked.
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