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  1. I just ordered a starter kit. We'll see how this works out for me!
  2. What brands do you all prefer? I've considered trying this to help me quit smoking.
  3. I used to work with a lady who was quite capable of walking, and used to work out at the gym during her lunch hour, but she'd use the disabled placard meant for her husband to get a place close to the door everywhere she went. A number of us at work used to tell her that was wrong and her reply was "We have a card so I don't see why I can't use it".
  4. Most excellent read. I was really drawn in by the characters, and plot, quickly. And, as mei lan, said, no loose ends. The storyline wraps up nicely and leaves you wanting to pick up the sequel to start reading that.
  5. I you but the Super Speeder fines are set by the state, and there wouldn't be any of those if people weren't going extremely fast. Conditions are: 75, or higher, on a 2 lane road & 85, or higher, on a 4 lane. The jurisdiction doesn't issue anything other than a regular speeding ticket, if the driver is found guilty of those speeds in court, the state picks it up and then issues an additional 200.00 fine. The state gets that fine, not the jurisdiction. Don't know about you, but I don't know of any reason, whatsoever, for a person to be at or in excess than the above stated speeds.
  6. Fines are set by individual jurisdictions, but the points are set by the state.
  7. Bruce Hardwood Floor cleaner is really good stuff. I use that on the floors in my office, at least once a week, and I have a rather large office. Never streaks and leaves a nice shine.
  8. Hahahahaaaaaa! OMG...that is hilarious!
  9. It's very, very good, but I never get the steak. I have to have the salmon. It's delish!
  10. I'll go check that. I do remember seeing posts about this on Pcom but never really followed it closely cuz I didn't know about it from the start.
  11. Were they offered a settlement on this land at some point? It seems like they should have been.
  12. I don't understand many of intricacies of this whole case (I haven't followed it from the start). I do have a question though. I remember this starting over some land. Was the value of that land worth the amount of money that's been spent fighting over it?
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