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  1. Seeking an attorney in Paulding Co who works with juvenile placement & family law. Please let me know who you would recommend. Thank you.
  2. It's much better than Little Ceasars! We know the new owner there...and one of ours will be working there too. It'll be a nice addition to the delivery options around here.
  3. We're registered at a couple of rescues and have gone by both Paulding & Douglas Co Shelters. Paulding has an adorable lab mix but she's a bit bigger than we want to start with. After having to put down our dog of 15 years last Aug, we're ready to start with a new pup. Know of any? We're looking for a girl, less than 3 months; small to med breed. No pits, rotties, chow. We currently have a lab/corgi mix (35 lbs) & a mix mutt (20 lbs) both rescues from the shelter. We're good pet owners with shots, spade; fenced in yard. Crates, toys, lots of play; Our dogs are spoiled!! If you have
  4. Nah, my son works at the jail. I get my nosey fix easily
  5. My husband does. He did stained glass for 10+ years before becoming a firefighter. Still has his table & equipment in the garage. PM'ing you his number!
  6. I sent you a PM about this position last week, it shows that it hasn't been read yet; is there a better way to inquire about this position?
  7. There is a Go Fund Me account set up to help pay for Gage's funeral expenses. http://www.gofundme.com/jn801c
  8. If you have something you want me to bring just let me know. There is a Go Fund Me Account set up to help his grandparents with the funeral expenses as well. http://www.gofundme.com/jn801c Edit to add website for his funeral fund.
  9. Lenny gave the house back to the bank. The house where the mom was paralyzed? I'll stop next time I see you or Mr. G out when I drive by.
  10. Whoa. And my neighbor that just moved was arrested too? I don't know if this murder charge is connected- I'm told its juveniles that were booked.....
  11. COG Mgmt at 61 & Nebo Rd might be a good option for you.
  12. There was a senior at SPHS that died yesterday. Conditions surrounding his death are still being investigated. The young man was shot. It happened in the South Paulding area, near Roses, but not quite 'there'. He was loved as one of my own as he and my daughter dated for some time. My only peace is knowing we stood next to him at his baptism last year........ I'm praying for the young people in our community. Such a tragic start to the New Year. He used to work at Sparkles. It was also the all night skate event so many teens from our community that knew him were there. The incident was
  13. It's an iPhone. I want to keep up with texts & internet searches. A lot of history & rebellious behavior this year. Going the 'trust' route with boundaries.....
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