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  1. It doesn't matter who we believe. Zimmerman's testimony is the only direct evidence. He had injuries when the police arrived. That's reasonable doubt. That's quite literally all it takes.
  2. Final time I am going to explain this. I realize that some people don't read the whole thread, or just refuse to actually research and find things out. Zimmerman was the neighborhood watch captain. He was patrolling that night. He saw something suspicious. He called the police, and followed, like neighborhood watch usually does. That's not stalking. It's not even close to stalking. If you really think that it is, you probably need to research, and find out what you have to do to be considered a stalker.
  3. Feel free to take umbrage. I'm still right. You can say you'd do this, or you'd do that, but you really wouldn't. If you tried to, your attorney would have you committed to a mental institution. If he's acquitted, he doesn't have a criminal record following him for the rest of his life. In five years, most of this will be completely behind him. In ten years, most people won't know who he is, especially if he moves to a state far away. As I've said before, there is a fundamental misunderstanding of how the law works in Florida. To quote the applicable section of Florida's s
  4. He wasn't directed not to follow him. The county cleared that up a few days later. He was simply told that it wasn't necessary. Huge difference. If the 17 year old doesn't hit him in the head hard enough to cause bleeding, then he doesn't get shot. End of story. In Florida, a threat to your personal safety is all that is required for you to take action. That threat was present in this case. Hence, self defense under Florida Law. You may not like it, but it doesn't change the fact that unless someone was filming the incident, and Zimmerman is completely off base with the story he tol
  5. He was a neighborhood watch captain. His job was to report and monitor suspicious activity in the neighborhood.
  6. anyone can get misdemeanors expunged. It's cheap and easy. Getting this kind of thing expunged is an act of god or congress. And even then, too many people know his name for it to be worthwhile.
  7. If by being carried out well, you mean they are deliberately overcharging in hopes of scaring the guy into pleading, then yes. The problem is that you don't have a basic understand of how the stand your ground law works. People have walked away with no charges, and no fuss, after cases in which self defense was much less clear cut, and in which the shooter had no injuries at all. Zimmerman had injuries, and at least some witnesses claiming he was yelling for help. That's all the reasonable doubt he needs. You are correct. They are going to try to browbeat him, and hope the jury do
  8. I tend to doubt it'll make it to trial. All he needs to get the case thrown out is reasonable doubt that he was acting in self defense. He had head wounds on the night of the incident. That's all it takes for a unbiased judge to throw the case right out.
  9. The School board is just trying to prove that they've got the power to do whatever they want at this point. They need to stop being childish, and limit themselves to a simple no vote on the motion he brought. Also, I love how the kid that came forward and admitted responsibility for the part he played is the one that everyone is now targeting...
  10. The comparison was blatantly wrong, and you said the comparison was right. That was all I was pointing out. I give up trying to reason with you, It's giving me Jughaid flashbacks. I doubt that is what is intended with the legislation, and I highly doubt that a jury would convict joe schmoe and recommend a fifteen year sentence because he lied about a degree. Honestly, the whole idea you just posted comes off as a bit paranoid Pubby.
  11. Where in HB87 does it say that a teen would be sent to jail for more than 20 years for simple possession of fake ID? I've been good enough to provide text to illustrate my points, if you are going to insist that you were not mistaken, then please provide some type of evidence. If I am wrong, I will gladly apologize, as I have done graciously in the past when I was mistaken about things being discussed here.
  12. They were going off last night near my house til almost 1 am.
  13. Maybe we should just sentence convicted felons to exile in Mexico. Then we could justify building a huge ass wall across the border.
  14. I really want to understand this. Please explain why you keep posting absolutely nothing, I'm intensely curious.
  15. Why do you post on here if you just insult people, and don't make any valid arguements? I get posting if you are going to make a point, but continuing to say 59 days over and over is just useless, and clogs up the boards. BTW, please don't lump everyone together. I'm an atheist, not a baptist, and couldn't care less about right wing social issues.
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