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  1. Any news about the gaggle of police on Davis Mill this afternoon around 3:00pm?
  2. just curious, has anyone participated, or checked out the Hiram Library teen activities as of late? It's great to see an effort for the teens in the county. Thanks-
  3. Just read The Paulding Neighbor and was wondering....Is anyone concerned about the Quarry expanding?
  4. Thanks for all the input! It really helped! (I now think I may want to start sitting) !!
  5. neither...just curious what the rate is these days..... when I was a kid $5 hr was a lot...now I hear it's about $10 hour and I was surprised.
  6. Thanks, what about the going hourly rates for evenings or week-ends?
  7. Just curious what the going rate is for babysitting these days......
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