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  1. Thank you, I was not for sure if they did the tenure(sp?) thing with the super.
  2. With so many issues with the current super and his staff, how does the community go about getting a replacement. Do you fire the exisitng super due to money spent on lawsuits, failing scores, pushing more on teacher's for less pay, etc. I am asking how the super get's voted off the island...I really am curious. I want to know how things work, and why the same issues are always complained about, but are continued to be allowed in everyday operations.
  3. We did a blanket with the family potraits of all the kids and grandkids, with a picture of my grandparents in the middle. My granny LOVED this. We did it all online at Walmart and shipped it to her house.
  4. Mobile Home.... :rofl: My spelling sucks, but I could not resist this.
  5. Oh, I am just making sure I covered every comment I have been reading the last couple of weeks. I hope his parents act quick and trade mark his name!!!!
  6. Bastards....he is white so it's totally acceptable not to make this headlines news. How about we have a buy only from white buisness day...OR offer a 10,000 rewards for the black beast.... I see more of this crazy sheeze in the future. Way to raise your kids! High 5 for keeping hate and teaching them it's easier to rob people then get a effin job!
  7. I can not pick just one! Your daughter has a fantastic voice. Good luck, we love watching the Voice.
  8. That was rough interview, I honestly wanted to kick his teeth out. IMO, the group is disgracing the memory of Trayvon. It bothers me that some teens are going to see this group as the way to solve this case. I hope parents are talking to their children...this is not the answer.
  9. It was upped to 100,000. And this statement was given by the group.... http://www.firstcoastnews.com/news/article/249474/483/New-Black-Panther-Party-Comments-Hate-Speech These are the words spoken by Mikhail Muhammad, southern regional minister for the New Black Panther Party, at Monday morning's press conference that have many talking about hate speech: "We investigated and we found out the facts that Trayvon had been assasinated by a wicked, white beast, who today is talking about he's a Hispanic. And so we're not going to go along with that. We don't care 'cause his father's
  10. D. LAST WORD...you can't seem to let anyone besides yourself have it! :rofl:
  11. But you "know" me and all my friends have "angels". Hmmm, pot meet kettle! Your hollier than tho attitude cracks me up! Thanks for the laugh. How do you know excatly what actions I have taken? Love the fact you know it all! :rofl: Bless your heart.
  12. Don't act like an ass and insult parents and kids you don't know. Didn't you pull your OWN angel out of school because he couldn't handle it? Do you hold the teacher's hand this year to make sure they do it the way you want it?......... See, you just got pissed over my insult, didn't you? Maybe we should let the OP have topic back. I not interested in a pissing contest with you...you don't realize other school systems are leaps and bounds ahead of Paulding. You can settle for that education for your kids if you wish!
  13. :rofl: The best!!! Bless your heart, give it time. You will see. Funny how your friends love it, and the majority of people I know hate it.
  14. I saw Dobbins was the school Moonie was talking about. I should have explained myself better. Dobbins seems to be strict but productive. EPMS and that side of town...you harldy ever hear complaints. SPMS was AWFUL. Still is! Kids do fantastic when they transfer away from there. Austin...ummmm has some really great ESEP teachers.
  15. Just be careful with your choice of new school. The middle schools in Paulding highly SUCK!
  16. Oh, shoot I thought we were sharing shopping secrets..my bad!
  17. You are true pain in the ass. I hear the hoodies and belts are on sale too! Too bad that sold out of common sense and shut the eff up!
  18. Ok, I was trying to figure wth a teenager was doing out at 2AM...and why the hell Zimmerman was awake at 2AM. I have been pondering why Zimmerman was allowed a weapon permit. After reading about him beating up a cop...seems to me he would not be allowed a permit. I also wonder if the lady who changed her story, is afraid for her life with so many group's now having interest in the case.
  19. March your ass up to the school and demand punishment! The offense warrants 5 days of OSS, per Paulding School District Handbook. And, yes you can press charges, contact the school resource officer.
  20. I ask myself, what parent allows their child to walk the streets at 2Am? WTH? It's horrible that a child lost his life. As a parent the quilt would eat me up, knowing I allowed my child to roam the streets like that!
  21. I don't march to anyone's drum. I care about our kids. When I say our, I mean ALL children, no matter what race. I don't teach hate in my house and let my children think the world owes them something. Black people are not my enemy either...stupidity and entitlement are.
  22. I don't feel privileged for being born white. My family, generations before me and myself have busted our ass to have what we worked for. I honestly can not believe you said that! Maybe I am taking it wrong, but I don't feel quilty about coming from a great family...through blood, sweat, and tears have EARNED what we have. Police officers are black too! I just don't live my life believing any black person who talks to me has an underlying desire to my demise. Passing this down to your children is where it chaps my butt! Anyone can anything they want to be, if given the correct mindset....I
  23. Maybe, but using that past for a crutch to spew hate...not so much. I should not have to pay for the things my great, great, great, great grandparents did. And quite frankly I am tired of hearing excuses for this type of behavior! Our kids are being harmed, for the simple fact of their skin color! If you want a better life stop with the hate and teach your children the world does not owe them anything!
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