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  1. So the professors offering recovery are teaching classes for an education degree??? Hmmmm, and we wonder what the hell is wrong with kids today. It's not just the parents! (Sorry could not resist being as an ass...it's what I do best)
  2. There is one listed on Craigslist from Douglasville......My link
  3. I need to find a F350 5.4 2 value motor. The vin number has to have a L in it...not really sure what that means, but my husband said so. The year of the truck is a 2000. If you have any ideas of where to find one, please let me know. Between the mechanic and us we can not locate one, we are even looking nation wide.
  4. I am going to go with....The POLICE officer freaking said so! I am sure the "suspect" was told exactly what he was doing wrong. As far as photos, I have had my camera taken at an airport. I stood and waited while the officer looked at my pictures. Didn't bother me at all, but I didn't have anything to hide.
  5. First off a child under the age of 18 should have their facebook setting as private....then I wouldn't think someone is a VERY cheezety parent to bail your kid out jail and give him no punishment. Mom of the year goes to you, for giving the baby back his cellphone so he could update his status about being "out"!
  6. I am getting slightly annoyed at this topic. NO ON SAID TO GIVE THE CHILD MEDICATION AND TOP IT OFF WITH MT. DEW!!!!!!! Is that clear enough?????
  7. I never said Mt. Dew was a cheap medicine! I am not really sure what you are talking about. Yes, I did suggest Mt. Dew. To me, if caffine works to help MY child be successful in school, I 100% would chose that over Riddlin, Addderal, etc. I know children who take those medications as young as 6 and have EKG's yearly. The thought of high power stimulants are scary. (MY PERSONAL OPINION) As far as my experience I had several doctor's recommend Mt. Dew or coffee. I chose to take the advice of doctors with NEURO in front of their titles...instead of ranting gentlemen on a website.
  8. Honestly, I could care less what color he is, that fact that any child did this blows my mind. I don't think anyone is trying to skip over his race. I feel the people are more concerned that this tragic event happened. Like I have said before you make an issue out of race, you choose to take a topic and turn it into a race thing. I am overit ( )!!! I don't see a double standard...but then again I am not really "looking" for one. My either, I can't wrap my head around what the hell is wrong with kids these days.
  9. You asked a question, that you already knew the answer too. If you watch any news at all, you would have seen a white male in court. (oh crap, are you going to label me for saying white???) The problem for me is your constant effort to keep the hate alive, by making little jabs about race. In another post you basiclly call everyone in PC racist . I am not really sure why it's okay for you to be a racist and call an entire county names....you have no idea of the inner feelings of any of us...you have no right to call me racist PEROID!! I am offended by your racism, your attempts to make
  10. Again?? Really?? This whole family is forever changed! I can not imagine.
  11. If he is hyper the Mt. Dew will have a calming affect. A lot of parents try this first instead of stimulant meds. The crayons are usally at Michaels, the are curved a little, I don't know why they work but they really do. I read a book awhile back on ADHD. A lawyer had 2 sons with ADHD, his parenting advice was great! I will try and find the title. Another book is "Having a Good Child by Friday", it was helpful too. Hang in there! Tears will come from both of you, but you CAN do this.
  12. That is only going to make it worse. I was a K para, he is NORMAL! A few suggestions: Do some sensory activites with him before he goes to school. Stress ball or silly putty for story time. buy him special curved crayons, or pencils And last if you really think he is too hyper, try giving him a cup of Mt. Dew before school, lunch, and the afternoon. Try hard to praise him when he does a task well, and don't belittle him over every mistake. You are a great mom, we don't choose our children, but you were choosen as his mom for a reason.
  13. CULTURE: the act of developing the intellectual and moral faculties especially by education RACE:1. A local geographic or global human population distinguished as a more or less distinct group by genetically transmitted physical characteristics No one brought up the race issue until you did! I have provided both defintions for the words you have confused. CAN WE GET BACK TO THE TOPIC NOW....I suggest you stop trying to make an issue out of something you have confused!
  14. A child was hurt, and the main topic has went to race and KKK outfits. This is what the hell is wrong with people these days. Instead of throwing insults out about all races, cultures, and etc...why not concentrate on the "one daycare worker", and the victim of her crime. I wish the mother and her child the best. It will not be easy for them to move past this.
  15. Can you block the actual yard sale group? I joined just so I could edit the settings. So, now I don't see the group on my page at all.
  16. United Community Bank in Hiram has free checking. No set balance required, I don't think direct deposit matters either.
  17. Do you have room in your suitcase???
  18. Since so many have mentioned seeing the crime photos from his crime...I say send every news crew on in there and broadcast live! We all are going to see it sooner or later!
  19. Lord, I am all for communicating...but you have been a little over the top today. I don't have that much to say!
  20. overit


    I would love to have coffee with you, but only if keep your puss put up....I am allergic!!
  21. overit


    My favorite so far has been a member that threaten another member with "no one will ever buy anything you try to sell on here." Funny stuff right there. Some people on here have a God complex to the point of running memebers off. I am pretty much the same here as I am IRL! Frankly I do not care if you like me or not, if there is an issue and people can not take being called out, that makes them the top pussy...because the "pack" will soon pounce on their behalf. I have noticed the growing trend seems to be "let's send it over email or PM's becuase I do not have the balls to say it in p
  22. Really.... Care to post a picture of your own butt?
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