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  1. I think you and converse should private message if you guys want to have a pissing contest, that is all.
  2. As a buisness owner...I would have to know for sure!! And ban the child from coming back if they did infact have one.
  3. If I could figure out how to upload youtube, I would upload one of a solider screaming when finding a spider in his bed..... Then one of people arguing to get attention! Those would prove both you and converse are ASSES for talking sheeze and taking away from the real message of the picture! Wish I had my flaming bird to salute you with.
  4. It's not any different than any Marine failing to their knees to hug there children, or running and kissing their wifes or their mothers!! It's a brotherhood, I am postive while serving together "this" was not even close to some of the things they shared/saw in combat!
  5. I for one LOVE this picture! He fights for my family and deserves the right to come home to whoever he loves, without any "outrage" from anyone!
  6. Drugs in the freshman building.
  7. How long ago did your kids attend PCHS? Also, you seem to continue to make jabs at others parenting skills, why? We all make mistakes, and I have a hard time believing any child is perfect. I know, none of mine are.
  8. You tube seems to be full of them this year.
  9. Sounds like this is the norm for them. Everyone seems to think I am leaving parts out of the story, and truly I am NOT! Can I ask, when you meet or spoke with them on the phone did you have a hard time getting a straight answer?
  10. I thought zero tolerance involved the people fighting. I have never heard the students watching getting in trouble. I assume, it was HS, 10 plus fights a day, and the AA just had enough! It happens! We all have moments of being stressed and doing something stupid!
  11. I agree with all statements about the officer. I truly believe he has the students best interest in mind. I spoke with him about this incident, his answers were close to what I was thinking. He is stand up guy!
  12. Pubby, I gave all the details I know. Anyhoo, I thought it was . Finding humor in stupidity, is much less dramatic than "flying off the handle". I could call and continue to ask, raise hell, etc, but it will not change any punishment...it will just make me want to beat my head against the wall more.
  13. Mind if I ask what happened? You can PM me the details if you don't want it public. After meeting with them.... that's 30 minutes of my life I will never get back.
  14. All good points, I asked the same questions. The answer was that was my perception. Maybe, someone was having a bad day, once they give a puinshment they have to stick to it. I understand that part, even though I don't agree with it.
  15. It didn't add up to me either. I kinda felt like beating my head against the wall after the meeting.
  16. I had to google affray, I have never heard of that. My kid wasn't involved in the fight, he was walking up to the crowd. When the teacher ask the kids to stay he did, while most of the kids ran. I am choosing to laugh it off, nothing can be done about it.
  17. Yes, he did. Along with 4 other students. Going rounds only leads to more headaches. If the AA said, I don't know why I punished him....I don't think raising cain is going to help. I guess following directions is not always a good thing.
  18. Thought I would share for entertainment!! Short review: 2 students involved in a fight, students crowd around them. Teacher asked students to stay, students follow directions! Fast forward: 5 of the students asked to stay are given 5 days of OSS (One being my kid) I met with the AA and asked why punishment was given, he actually said, "Mrs. XXXXXX, I don't know!" Usally I would be upset over this , but it actually has my The paperwork states general disruption of the school environment. I have offically seen in all now! ***********************UPDATE**
  19. I agree! Even with the "change", it will be years before any improvements are seen....if any at all!
  20. Really? There is not a waiting or seperation peroid in GA?
  21. Why not get him an IPOD touch? He can have music and play games.
  22. You lost me at equations..............
  23. Nah, I have been cracking up reading some post on here today! I just have to say...GOD, I LOVE BEING ME! If I had to know-it-all I would never accomplish any household chores or nothing else.
  24. I figured you would "get me"! I am just a smart ass.
  25. And I got a -1 to boot...LOVE this judgmental, know-it-all place. You guys rock!!
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