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  1. No, I had a complete thought, but my mom brained didn't finish it! I meant churches are splitting, devote Christians are saying and doing evil things to each other. I went to a women's ministry group last week, it blew my mind. Without giving up the church, just to see Christian women interact that way...Weird...just, weird!
  2. I have noticed a lot of devote Christians, becoming evil lately. People are preaching brimstone and fire...I just think people are loosing their damn minds! I will just take the tin foil hat and be done with it! PS. I am not calling Obama a Christians, before the crazy comes out in this thread!
  3. overit


    I don't get it either! But I sure the hell can pick a gossiping busy body out of a crowd! I use to have a few friends in that age group, until all the back stabbing and gossip started! I just think they are bored in life. Their kids are grown, the pretty has wore off their marriage, and they need to "fix" something, even if it means creating off the wall sheeze about people! I laugh at the people that "have" to fit in the end crowd! It's hilarious to see women fall over themselves to make it to the rude, snotty bitch club!
  4. I have quite the collection. I only purchased one of them. I have the others due the passing of my uncle, father, and grandfather. Only one is for protection, the others will handed down to my children. My motivation for having a collection, to take care of them and pass them down generation after generation. I don't think that should throw up red flags, unless you see them in the gun rack above every door!!
  5. Every high school in the county has a ROTC program. Why not put them in the front of the building, arm them, and hang a sign "this school is protected by US army"!
  6. I am guessing you HAVE unresolved issues with females?!
  7. I don't need to ease my conscience for the things I have said. I sleep well at night knowing another Meth infested house has been vacated! I may be self righteous, and very much an ass. I am good with that. If you read any of Stiff's post you would know, she was "trying" to get out of a bad relationship and needed clothes for her 5 year old twins! Not counting the defending a meth head and her family. Put all those together, and I would put money on the fact her kids have seen abuse of their mother, and substance abuse! I have no tolerance for meth heads. They ruin lives, futures, and
  8. Maybe I do! I just can not imagine a mother, knowing someone sells meth out of their home, and thinking it's okay for their kids to go over to play! I just don't get it! I understand it may be her relative, and she wants to see them...but to introduce your kids into that life style is just wrong!
  9. Oh no, Stiff has children...and defends a meth addict. I take it back, I will provide my info to her! Just for the sake of calling DFACS, and giving her children a fighting chance to break the cycle of drugs and a woman who bounces from one meth head to the next!
  10. I have laptop with a black screen. How much do you charge? It has all my pictures, if you can't fix it, can you pull my pictures off? Please and thank you!
  11. These are nice thoughts! But, I feel you are wasting your breath. Trying to speak nicely or make sense to any meth addict, will not help. Until that person wants to stop, it's not going to happen. You can love them to hell and back, and all you get is the hell they put you into! I have zero tolerance for any dealer, user, or friend defending a horrible crime like this! I think of the teenagers that will never have a chance, due to being pulled into a life of meth. I think Brenda should rot in hell, for dragging her own son into this life. Stiff wants to meet me, and have my info...I d
  12. Thank you for making laugh! I will always protect my family from people like you and your friend. That's my job, to raise my children to be productive members of society. I can't stand your kind, worthless trash drug addicts. If Brenda didn't want to be talked about this way, she should have not being selling drugs. End of story! You are making yourself look uneducated and plain out stupid. I would suggest laying the pipe down, and do some reading, something productive that will get you off welfare, and help you find a job!
  13. My info..This is too funny! You want to come see me? Really? I feel like a rock star! I mean it's not everyday, a crack whore will zip it up, wipe their mouth off, just to come visit me! You are, would be the correct use. Hey dumbass, we are worried about our family! I am glad the officer's put drug dealing trash behind bars!
  14. I am truly sorry for the loss of Danny. Now onto Brenda...How dare you come on here and defend someone slinging METH out of their house, less than 2 miles from my home! My kids deserve the right to grow up without trashy ass meth hood rats, right up the damn street! If you choose to defend a damn meth addict, I can only guess you are one also. Better stop there..there is nothing I hate worse that a damn crack whore!
  15. I have to add, if you people want the breed to quit being misunderstood...I would suggest not chaining your pit to the tree in the front yard while slinging drugs from your home! I am sure the pit is just for protection. I don't like them at all! I have my own reasons for it! I think any parent that leaves their children unattended with them, should have their children taken away!
  16. Sorry, couldn't help myself. In life, nothing but Jesus is free.
  17. Yes, there are a few in Douglas that will review it for free. I can not remember the name to save my life! I will say, the lead at the school I think your little one is attending use to be very helpful. If you can't find someone to review it, she might be a good resource to invite to the meeting.
  18. I asked several questions, you didn't answer. Are you lonely? Married? Kids? Dog? Well are you? I am not interested in history right now, I am giving you the platform to tell us all about you. Why makes Postman tick? Why do you respond to questions with off the wall facts? Why don't you want us to know a little about you?
  19. Does it really matter where the humanity was? I had to backspace several times to reply to you, I have zero tolerance for someone who continues to rant over a damn parking space, instead of getting off their ass and helping his community. It continues to amaze me, almost the full entire front page of the board is covered with topics you make "All about you"! How can you be online for 14 plus hours a day bitching and complaining and never venture out to do anything about it? Are you married? Have kids? A dog? Are you alone, do you need a friend? What is your deal, why must you make everyth
  20. I find it odd, you have taken a true picture of humanity and turned in to a sounding board! Not only you, some others too. What the hell is wrong with you? I get sick from seeing all the bullcheeze post on this site! From your rantings and twisting great topics, to twits that want to spread rumors about horrific untrue 911 calls, and pictures of a cop car in front of Walmart, the list goes...do you guys have nothing better to do this Christmas season that gossip and make sheeze up? How bout we all get off our asses find someone in need or alone this season and give back to the community we so
  21. There are really no words or wisdom to prepare you for a loss of a parent. Losing both my parents within a month made me realize who I am deep down! You find out who your true friends, those that actually care will be a god send. While being there for your mom, just make sure you are taking time for yourself too. Seeing your loved ones sick, takes a toll you don't even realize until you are overwhelmed and exhausted. I hope you get good news from the doctor!
  22. Again? Did someone question the all mighty SOLO? I guess we could all just make up stories and post them online. <---That's what asshats do.
  23. I never understood why the school district doesn't hold a seminar or something to talk about the HELP training with the community. Invite the parents and anyone who wants to know about it. This might solve some complaints and issues.
  24. It is unfair! I am so sorry you are reading some of the comments from "arm chair" know-it-alls. I really hope you will share your story one day. I suggest you share it with an attorney first. I am truly sorry for your loss, and also that you are reading some quotes here at a time like this.
  25. So sorry for your loss. Is there anything your family needs? Will you be setting up a fund to help with the funeral arrangements? I would also suggest, not putting any info about the shooting online. Do not answer the questions being asked. You know what type of man your husband was, and you really don't want a bunch of gossip and people using your words against you.
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