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  1. Ummm, you gals are grown adults! So the nicknames tell me, RUN LIKE HELL..unless you are prepared to do high school crap again. Women who gossip with you, will gossip about you! I had a group of friends that gossip, tell lies to cover up when they got caught, and down right scum. Life is sooooo much better not dealing with them, and I can laugh my ass off at them. I would put them in their place before you write them off!
  2. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I apologize! I just know you are brutal and honest, and hoped you would use caution with her appearance. I know you would never hurt her feelings, but frustration some times makes us say things we would not normally say. I also know, you have a great heart and will help her through this! I still think she is lonely and she is going to need you a lot in the next weeks to get a handle on this.
  3. Dang Lucky, kick a girl when she is down. You called her fat, angry, and dirty! On a serious note, maybe she is lonely and needs a change of scenery for a couple days. Can you suggest to husband to take a family vacation, or just take his wife on vacation? I would try other things before committing her to medication.
  4. Yeah, it makes more sense to teach sex ed and gang banging instead.....
  5. Absolutely! If I could get away with smacking the crap out of hellions that don't belong to me I would!
  6. I try not to engage with people like that, unless they are causing harm to my family. I had an encounter this week with "Debbie Downer Drama Queen", I pitty her, she is completely alone and bat sheeze crazy. She makes me thankful for the great people in my life, and extra thankful for all the ones I no longer allow in my life!
  7. Tell them, you need help raking the yard in exchange for playing football in it. Also want to add, a lot of kids do not have their grandparents close. You just might be helping these teens without even knowing how much a wave or smile means to them.
  8. I had no idea Max was your son. Have you checked with all his buddies with the dirt bikes near you? I will message you a few more names to check.
  9. overit

    common law

    I don't think people are acting holier than tho, I think people are so tired of the abuse of the system and footing the bill. Most insurances have went sky high, and we are paying the price. Your first post sent the wrong message, you corrected it. Keep checking doctor's you can find one to run the test and do a payment plan.
  10. overit

    common law

    I don't know you, hence the "people" and "their". My belief is, if you can drink and smoke you can pay health insurance or doctor bills. Sorry, that will not change. As far as, you spending very little on a bar tap, see a doctor with a payment plan. You can spend very little on a payment, and still get the health issues under control. Food for thought. This is how most people do it, so instead of calling everyone hollier than, and know it all's, maybe you could take some advice on how to manage paying the doctor until you get your free coverage. Best of luck, a word to the wise, try n
  11. overit

    common law

    I understand why you need to tell your live in boyfriends income. It is cheating the system, if you don't. Plain and simple! We all NEED health insurance, I just find it hard, people are complaining, smoking 2 packs of cigs a day and hanging out local bars. Sorry if that upsets you, but I don't think I should be responsible for their healthcare. If you can smoke and drink, you can pay for your own insurance. Make better choices on how you spend your money.
  12. If the little guy is going with you, check out The King and Prince on St. Simon Island. It is a great place to be pampered and veg while the kids have daily activities.
  13. overit

    common law

    If you took the same tone with the case worker as you have hear, then I completely understand the attitude you were given. The case worker is there to help, not to listen to a bullcheeze attitude! I find it odd people complain that they have to actually "work" a little paperwork wise to get FREE health coverage!
  14. It's all good, I will keep your secret.
  15. It's better than street pimping being involved.....
  16. The answer is yes...you CAN marry your first cousin in the south........ :rofl:
  17. He never made it clear as to what the church is..it might be a wife who wants her husband to attend and he would rather be home drinking. And don't ya know God is in control of every situation.....
  18. I have heard it said... 1) GOD 2) SPOUSE 3) KIDS Can you attend services at a church you like one Sunday, and the one your wife likes the following Sunday?
  19. Seriously? You need a hobby! And I have no idea, is your wife going to church when you want her home? You really are not making the question clear.
  20. :yahoo: Looks like some of my neighbors..... :rofl:
  21. Most born and bred Georgia peeps, think it's the "transplant" fault for everything that happens in the state. No worries about us taking advantage of you, we are just stupid, unhappy, bitter, (yada, yada) yankee's coming to steal your land! Disclaimer..it's a joke assholes, so need to get all pissy! On a side note, can I ask your age?
  22. In the last 4 years the school district has been going down hill. Maybe a change would be good for the students. You need a time out!!
  23. I wondered how you went about replacing a superintendent. I got an answer. And for the record the excuse of "all the cool kids are doing it", doesn't really hold much in my opinion. Maybe change would be good for the system. What they have now doesn't seem to be working. Damn it!! If the board members themselves spill secrets, why can't you? We all love gossip!
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