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  1. I often wonder how attorneys like her sleep at night...I guess on satin sheets, she earned by defending scum!
  2. Sounds like you are off to a rough start. I hope things get better. I would have been furious over DFACS!
  3. My god! Is he in the EBD room? Nebo, right?
  4. He told me to never tell....I am in trouble now!
  5. I don't know a lot about bikes. Don't pretend to. Just know the cops get called a lot in my hood for the noise.
  6. Welcome, and grow a thick skin. Some of these folks think their word and opinions are gold!
  7. I agree with the loud part, my husbands is very loud. I use to crawl his butt for driving to fast. After riding with him, he wasn't speeding just sounds like he is.
  8. Thanks for clearing that up. Next time myself and my husband decided to ride his LOUD crotch rocket, I will make sure not to come on your road! :rofl: :rofl:
  9. Well hell, next time I will just put my damn bra on........
  10. I often wonder if people act that way, because they are so use to others expecting a hand out. If he was there with his family, shouldn't he be allowed to have his privacy with them? Didn't he do benefit concert for a fallen officer not to long ago? Maybe he separates family time/ celeb time.
  11. I guess the site of me in the morning was to much for the coyote..I haven't seen him since. We are covered in bunnies and stray cats/kittens, I figure they will be back.
  12. Come on over, Friday's around 10pm for boobs! If you enjoy ass, I normal show mine at least twice a day! Send him over...this one was bigger than my husky, but very skinny.
  13. Close to South Paulding Middle
  14. We actually have a Husky, I was telling my husband that the coyote just wanted some loving. I just found it odd, one was strolling down the subdivision. I thought they stuck to the woods!
  15. Do you have a link?!?!?!?! I am with you...hurry up Friday!
  16. I thought about, but I didn't have a bra on...I didn't want to explain to the officer a couple of houses down, my need to discharge a firearm with my head lights on! :rofl:
  17. While sitting on my porch, smoking, not exercising, a coyote came wandering in the yard. I wish I had a link...so I could know the facts!!!! HAPPY HUMP DAY!
  18. I don't think so, but I would have to read the link to make sure.
  19. Maybe some new shoes will make her day all better!
  20. Up yours! I would provide a link but I am to damn lazy! Type in the opposite of what you did to get your link....
  21. I can honestly say, I have met more people like you than the nice ones. It cracks me up to hear about southern charm, and see all these ladies act a fool. I came from a place where you helped your neighbor's, not the same here! It's never felt like home, we will move, soon I hope.
  22. 1) Paying for the sorry piece of crap in the hood that "claims" to be disabled! The government is not your check book! I guess acting crazy, can get you a free ride in life. Taking from people truly in need, pisses me off! 2)The over use of the word blessed! 3)Gossip
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