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  1. Hey, I happen to live in Crowsville, I happen to live in Bentwater, why would you make that remark? This is why I hardly ever read this message board anymore. Also, I just wanted to say that I have heard the weather guys talk about the weather in Crowsville! Oh, one more thing-has anyone here seen a person "call crows"? My husband can do just that! He will have every crow in the area circling above his head-so funny!! Emily
  2. This is late, but I would also recommend Top of the River...Gadsden also has a Cracker Barrel. I also would have told you to be there early...the motels have been full, most restaurants have been packed due to people in that area and around who no longer have homes due to the tornado(s). I have family in Centre and just north of Piedmont. Emily
  3. I once asked a woman if she smoked after sex and she said, "I never looked down to see". Anyway, I wish you the best of luck in trying to beat a tough addiction. LOL....I am not feeling great; when I first read the statement, my thoughts were "why would someone smoke cold turkey??" Seriously, my prayers are with you...cigarette smoking shortened my Dad's life...he tried to quit several times but when a tough situation arose, he started back. If you have someone who can help you, a mentor or just someone who understands, I think it would be helpful.
  4. A friend posted this website on Facebook-I made a video message from Santa for my grown children and they enjoyed it immensely!! Here's the website: www.portablenorthpole.tv Merry Christmas!!! Emily
  5. I just wondered if anyone else had this problem in their subdivision. I have an elderly neighbor who is in poor health who lives across the street from me. She tried to give out some candy, but because she has had heart problems recently, she had to stop, turn off her lights and go to bed. The next morning, she found a note on her porch that read "F U". She has been very upset over this. A couple of other people who were out of town and had their lights turned off came home and found the same note, one had a pumpkin smashed over her mailbox. Another woman had a pretty ceramic pumpkin gi
  6. Sharing all info with my daughter!! What fun!!! Emily
  7. Wow, thanks!!!! I hadn't even thought about the Ragsdale Inn and I saw an ad for the McGarity House. Thanks so much for all the suggestions!!!!
  8. My daughter and her fiance will be getting married soon and moving overseas. They plan to return home in December and have a reception at which they will invite friends and family. Does anyone have a suggestion for a favorite place to hold a reception for about 150 people? Many thanks!!! Emily
  9. I was trying to find out that bit of information myself. I never found an address. Did someone know this man and know he lived in the subdivision? Emily
  10. I saw the police cars flying down the road earlier today....so glad they were on their way to get this guy!!! It's scary to think you have a predator just down the road from you......I can't stand to read the Ga sex offender registry-there's always someone who lives around the corner, it seems or just down the road from my school... Emily
  11. The "Wait for Pilot Car" sign cracked me up...one day I had two cars behind me as I was debating whether I should wait since there was nobody in sight. Both cars began to blow their horns-this is on Graves Road coming out of Bentwater...soooooo, I decided to just go on. Almost immediately, I saw WHY we needed to wait for the pilot car-ha!! I found a driveway to pull into, the other crazies (of which I was probably one, too) had to fend for themselves since there was a one lane road and the pilot car was bringing a line of cars down the opposite way toward us!!! However, the next day, I wai
  12. Wow!!! I have slowed down so many times for the bump, I kind of miss it!!! The signs are gone, too!!! Emily
  13. Just wondered if anyone knew what was going on tonight. I have heard several sirens tonight-right after the terrible lightning we had. I hope it isn't too bad of a situation and everyone's alright... Emily
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