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  1. Very sorry to hear this. I remember Harry as a personable guy, hard-working and very proud of his family. He helped us out in our business when we got swamped with too many service calls and I admired his work ethic and fair business practices. A good, honest man. Sincere condolences to his family.
  2. Bizmo

    I Need Help

    Hmmm. Not sure why the covers are different. I assumed that the one I posted was for Greystone customers since it features the young people who qualified for the 2017 Washington D.C. Youth Tour. But thanks, Mrs. G. BT, I will try that after the holidays.
  3. Would anybody out there who is a Grey stone Power customer happen to have an extra or unwanted copy of the January 2018 Georgia magazine that the electric cooperatives send monthly. I got mine, but it is the Cobb EMC edition. The cover looks like this: I would very much like to have a few, and would be happy to meet or reimburse for postage. TIA
  4. The big guy is Freddie. I adopted him 3 1/2 years ago. New girl is Frankie, she's 9 weeks old, and the same breed mix. (Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees).
  5. Just a new puppy for Xmas! There's no room for anything else in my life right now when there's a puppy that needs rescuing. My big guy is learning to love her too. And there's the possibility of snow tomorrow!!! Can't beat that!
  6. My grandson is in Washington D.C as part of the National Electric Cooperatives Washington Youth Tour (yes, I am very proud ) Yesterday morning, the group was scheduled to meet some of the reps and members of congress from their respective states. The meetings did take place, but with heightened security. "Youth Tour is a once-in-a-lifetime, all-expenses-paid leadership travel opportunity for high school sophomores and juniors (going into their junior or senior year this summer), sponsored by by electric cooperatives from 48 states. From the battlefields of Gettysburg, to the halls of
  7. Send an email to: info@friendstotheforlorn.org Maybe he can help.
  8. https://m.youtube.com/?tab=w1#/watch?v=HN8RB2Ggoyk
  9. Forget? Last Saturday night I stood in the middle of Turner Field and accepted a plaque bearing my Uncle James' Purple Heart medal that was found in a thrift shop in NY. He was a crew member on a B-17 that was shot down on a mission over Germany in 1943. He had two brothers who also enlisted after Pearl Harbor was bombed; they made it back to NY after the war. I never knew him; I was not even born when WW2 ended. On Sept. 11th, 2001 I heard the news at work. Glued to a small TV, I watched in horror. As the second plane hit and it was undeniable what was happening I left the room and wa
  10. Thank you CO!I can always count on you I did want to mention that there will be some type of media coverage for the return ceremony. Probably the AJC or whomever the Purple Hearts Reunited organization gets a response from. I had thought about seeing if pcom wanted to cover it but there doesn't seem to be much community activity covered anymore. I remember participating in many fundraisers over the years and donating prizes for many events. There doesn't seem to be as much interest in community events anymore.
  11. Because it has been quite a few months since I posted about this.... a link to the backstory. http://paulding.com/forum/topic/312730-veterans-day-2014/ Capt. Zach Fike of Purple Hearts Reunited has been in touch with me off and on since November of last year. Obviously his National Guard duties and his work with his Purple Heart organization keep him very busy. I believe he also recently celebrated the birth of a daughter. Wonderful, caring patriotic man. During our last conversation I mentioned how wonderful it would be to receive my uncle's medal in time for the Fourth of July -
  12. Yes! And I might add... if you live in a subdivision and develop a sinkhole on your front lawns from construction debris; do not use it as a firepit because it is dangerously close to my home, fence and front porch. Certainly much less than a minimum of 50 feet. Not to mention very flammable brush and trees. Sarcasm intended. A little consideration for others goes a long way n this world.
  13. Drivel. I think you meant to say senseless drivel. Unless of course you really do dribble. Or drool. In which case......ewww.
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