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  1. Does anybody know why police were there with it taped off?
  2. Thank you for your reply. Have a good night.
  3. safe to drink or is it also being tested for cancer causing toxins?
  4. I was wondering if anybody else's power went out for just a breif second (3:25-3:30) p.m. and came right back on? Little weird and thought I would see anybody else around here had same thing happen.
  5. Yes they have BINGO on Monday's and Thursday's @ 7:30
  6. at the Legion on scoggins rd. And if so what days and times? I really want to play some bingo!
  7. gone up for month of May? Got my bill in the mail today and well it's gone up alot. Thought I would ask some folks on here before I fret that I have a water leak
  8. I know it is past 1:00a.m. but did anybody else hear a loud BOOM about 12:45 a.m.? I live in Yorkville area. It scared me awake I know that.
  9. have had covid19 or know someone that has or had it?
  10. OMG this website is so confusing now I don't even know if this question got posted on the right spot but I hope it did so somebody can help me with their opinion or whatever thanks
  11. My son has had some kind of upper respiratory and bronchitis. Not really sure what it is, but I have had 2 docs give me those 2 diagnosis. This has been going on since beginning of January he's still coughing and congestion is there anybody else that has dealt with this congestion and cough that hangs on to you for acouple of months?
  12. This morning I was going down Buchanan Highway and saw police and unmarked SUV's at a house on Buchanan Highway.
  13. When I want to reply to a certain post I can't find where to push to reply. Can someone direct me please?
  14. Preferably in Yorkville with two bedrooms at a reasonable price. If anybody knows anywhere like that please let me know. Thank you
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