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  1. Class of 1995 set the precedent of what was on the graduation test. I personally would have had zero problem graduating. In fact my class would have had a 98% graduation rate. So what gives. I will tell you, excuse after excuse after excuse. I hear that some people are not good test takers, or that the teacher didn't teach the material. Well stop pushing your child to participate in every freaking thing their is, and start spending those hours reading and studying your schoolwork. I swear nothing is every your own fault, always someone else's. Buck up and stop playing the blame game people.
  2. I guess that most people believe unions were once good and are now antiquated. I know the hay market massacre was about getting an eight hour work day. We have unions to thank for a forty hour week. Pay for overtime hours. So very much more to thank them for. One thing I have learned about unions is that they have bargained for a reason, and the minute a contractor can stick it to the unions they will. I am a Union plumber and I bet you my training is better than any non union worker. As far as trying to exempt themselves from something they have pushed, give me one group of people who hasn't
  3. I'm the reason they install nets on the sides of driving ranges.
  4. Amen. You just made my top 10 favorite posts.
  5. Yes racism exists in every race. I think prejudice is more prevalent though. I think a better understanding of history pubby would be in order. If the U.S. had such an issue in the beginning with their southern brethren succeeding they would have been hung for treason. Only after the government realized the high loss of tax dollars did they start to have issue. But the billboard is bad taste. By the way levis started the sagging fad with their silver tab pants.
  6. A Martins, a QT, or at least a damn red box. How about a Martin's in qt with two red boxes next to the coffee brewers.
  7. Yes schools are necessary but do the boosters pay for the sheriff's and emt's at sporting events. I live 2 miles as the crow flies from the airport and an disheartened with the lack of use it receives. I was against the airport and finally I put some thought into it. The potential for greatness there exists. People I would rather see paulding county reap the benefits then to see another one get it. We are a second rate county and until real job creation comes we are going to decline more. I don't like the idea of big business and commercialization coming, but I dread living in the next met
  8. I think that the residents should not be allowed to put their garbage out until it is ok to pick the garbage up. If the homeowner puts it out early then they should be found guilty of conspiracy and aiding in crime. Problem Solved!
  9. As a United Association Plumber from Local Union 72 in Atlanta, I feel the necessity to chime in. I make good money, I have decent benefits and decent retirement. I know that no union will put its contractors out of business. The unions are aware if you bite the hand that feeds you, you get no more food. The contractors will always pocket a lot more than the workers. That is the balance. We as workers can only get so much before a contractor says screw you. If you think that a union dock worker makes allot more than they are worth, go work a dock. If you think any one makes more than they shou
  10. I believe because the amusement parks are the robbers. Have you been to one lately.
  11. Because of habit. Most people do not look for the red or blue indicators and habit makes us use our dominant hand to utilize things. Most people are right handed therefore cold on right. Mixing valves and tempered water are relatively new, and water heaters use to get really hot. Not good to get 140 degree water on your skin.
  12. Me after debating with some of you. But I enjoy the arguments and enjoy reading everyone's posts even if it is irrelevant. This is definitely my favorite social media website.
  13. Glad he wasn't shot, or tazed. Though he did no real wrong I think he should have given her his name and been done with it. Do not incite aggression from the police. They will kill you and justify it with their own psychopathic rationale.
  14. No fence is necessarily required, as a leash is not necessarily required. There are less restrictive ordinances but certain conditions must be able to be met. Just need to make sure you are in compliance and make sure you have a copy of the law, so when the Marshall shows up you remain within the limits of the law.
  15. No what are ignorant? Do the math.
  16. Happened about 8 hundred meters from my house, heard what sounded like a couple of rifle rounds, then boom. My guess is tannerite. Probably what all these booms have been lately. Kind of wish academy would not sale that stuff. But it's not illegal so wth.
  17. I like you more each day TP, thought I was the only intelligent person left. Teddy was not just a great president, but also very astute in business. Nothing like a fair and honest Yank to piss off a bunch of do gooders.
  18. Does the military still halve the firing squad? We could send isis a video of that, right before a minuteman is launched. Hell send them the video of the launch also.
  19. If you look at history, the U.S. tried to stay out of all the big ones, even when provoked. Not saying we should or should not go, but if we do the rules of engagement need to be rewritten. If it is easier for a citizen to be shot on U.S. soil, then it is to engage enemy personnel, we have a problem with the system. And until our house is fixed, we should be trying to fix others.
  20. I remember reading a very enlightening book once, maybe around the year 1984, my big brother tried to keep me from realizing the truths it held, but I did. And the proles that received their air dropped candy, porn, and other vices left those in power alone. I see some resemblance of this story in my life today, you want drugs, you got them, you want porn, we'll pay for your internet, you want and we'll give as long as you do not interfere with our goal, we like power and shall keep that power. We shall suppress anything or anyone that threatens our power, even if that means we break laws to
  21. I was six years old when my "step"father lost his job. We were living outside of Panama City, and as he was a commercial driver we sold every thing we could, and hit the road. Traveled all over the United States while he tried to find steady employment. We were broke, and mother and father did their very best for their two children. After an unfortunate incident in Maryland when someone decided that my brother and myself would be better off with the state instead of a ford clubwagon van we migrated back south to his home state of Georgia. He talked to an old Southwire buddy, and was able to ge
  22. Mrs. Jack Russell, evidently you enjoy being harsh to people, most bullies do, they also enjoy joining others that do. I could care less if you think I am a cop bashing hater of good order. I can re-read my post and see that didn't should have been don't. I know my past might lead you to believe I am some hick drug addicted blood sucker on the tax payer. Well I am not, I am actually very well educated, hard working citizen of the USA, and anyone that deliberately takes things out of context to try and berate someone is either a bully or not very nice person. Bet that pup in your avatar is abo
  23. Very well said stradial, I am a different person, I am no longer gullible as I once was, I trust very few, and stopped wearing blinders. I often tell p people the dumbest thing I've ever done was to start smoking. I thank God I did nothing more to the deputy then piss him off. I have often thought about reaching out to him and apologizing personally. He did nothing to deserve what I did. I know he has gone on to make a fine deputy.
  24. I am sorry postman could not watch your entire video, sickened me. P actually straight pissed me off. If ever something like that were to happen to a loved one of mine mcveigh, bin laden, and the devil himself would cringe at the evils that would be unleashed on an entire government's, friends family their f'ing grass in their yard would be brought to suffer. My anger would have no limits and my reaction would bring the world to a standstill.
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