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  1. NO you claim to be Christain but turn a blind eye to sinning. That is my argument. And if the forefathers were not christain what the hell were they, and what principles did our country get founded on. There are plenty of letters, documents and such if you would like me to PM them to you I will. After the tot goes to sleep
  2. In 1854, the House Judiciary Committee said: "in this age, there is no substitute for Christianity...That was the religion of the founders of the republic, and they expected it to remain the religion of their descendants
  3. No you do and if you want to really get in pissing contest we can I prefer not, I simply believe that you are being a bit radical and I am tending to my 3 year old making it difficult to keep up with your rants. I would like to give upo but if you question my Christianity I will be forced to post enough scriptures that back my argument to keep some stuttering for a rebuttal for days to come. So I am unsure what "christian" church you attend but I am glad mine is not defiled with the pungeont odor of hypocrisy.
  4. Actually mentioned this in another topic but am wondering if anyone else out here are having issues with thieves. My neighbor had some power tools stolen and the SD said that it is becoming a problem around here.
  5. Ok you are a fool if you believe that the foundation of this country is not christian. I couold care less what argument you make and vice versa. Basically this topic along with others has gone awry and we are arguing moot points. I will forfeit and say that you and ZC have won, for I know that within the nest 2 years lbgt will have what they want and soon our melting pot will become a couldron in the eternal depths of Hell.
  6. Guard Dad said it best when he stated that people who wish to have incestual relations can not. So kiss it. And fido and me can not geet bethrothed either. Why is that? Ethics and Morals right?
  7. Lord help us when incest becomes the hot topic in a few years or beatiality.
  8. Go back to fingschool. Washington approved nothing, this was a treaty with the Muslims and the last thing you want ot be in a muslim country is christian, and this treaty lasted how long.
  9. As much as you people want to deny the truth you can not. It would have been unheard of especially in colonial america and the beginnings of our beloved country that the founders would not have made this a christian nation.
  10. I hope you do not teach http://www.afn.org/~govern/Christian_Nation.html And you are a history scholar?
  11. Please read this Link http://www.afn.org/~govern/Christian_Nation.html
  12. Uhm I can not enter into a contract to marry anyone I wish. If I wanted to marry another man I could not. And maybe I want to marry another man, does not make me gay. You know ZC sodomy is aginst the law in GA but it is not prosecuted on. Gays can have sex I can have sex, we can not marry the same sex.
  13. I bet that you have more rights than me ZC. And that would be year's salary for year's salary.
  14. Uhm you need to re read our history books. Our country was founded on Christian beliefs, they did not want a church to be able to interfere with what they wanted though, nor did they want a specific church to be recognized as being in power. Great Britain made that mistake already and our forefathers did not want it to befall upon their new country
  15. NO,no, they will not because it does not fit into their agenda and plus it could inconvenience them.
  16. I am taking a vow to never patronize a CFA on sunday. Nor will I go to a Hobby Lobby on sunday. CFA I am upset therefore you get no revenue from me atleast one day of the week.
  17. The state is not denying gays to marry. Just marrying their same sex. In as much as they deny heterosexuals to marry the same sex. Pretty simple. They are not discriminating against a certain group of people therefore no injustice.
  18. Too bad they did not choose July 29 as the day. I would have supported it then.
  19. What civil rights are being denied?
  20. Uhm what America do you reside in. I live in N.A. in the U.S.of A. and can not for the life of me see where any thing you just posted was true. If you know how to get to where you are give me the cooridinates I want to be there too. I am jealous
  21. Hell been that way since the dawn of time. Find me a society on this planet that does not discriminate. It is not possible. But here lately if you dislike certain things you are a walking plague that must be annihillated. Maybe Deecember 21st will bring something different.
  22. It is on pay day . Think I will stop at everyone I see and buy some sandwiches, leave a comment in the box and call corporate praising them. Lets go cows.
  23. [ Not everyone likes fat people, you don't see me protesting outside Jenny Craig. You know that fat people are discriminated against too. Maybe Jenny Craig would not be a bad idea. A new movement. I like it.
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